Press Release From 2016

Scientific and technological training: expanding the bottlenecks

28 December, 2016

The shortage of engineers, scientists, technicians and practical engineers, is threatening not only the high-tech industry, but rather it is a barrier to economic growth generally. This situation gets worse and will adversely affect Israel's capabilities in science and technology and Israel's social economic strength. Four experts, members of the Grand Strategy for Israel forum, suggest what to do.

The city of Givatayim decided to preserve its historic legacy

20 December, 2016

The City of Givatayim’s new heritage-preservatino plan has been approved by the District Planning and Building Commission.. The buildings earmarked include several landmarks in the city’s important legacy of MAPAI and the socialist movements, as well as one typical building among a complex of cooperative worker housing for employees of Kupat Holim (General Sick Fund) employees. The rest of the housing will undergo urban regeneration at much higher density.

Joint US-Israeli academic works jump 45%

09 December, 2016

Academic collaboration between US and Israeli institutions increased by some 45% over the course of the last 10 years, according to a study released this week by the Israel on Campus Coalition (ICC).

Joint Papers With U.S. and Israeli Authors Increase

07 December, 2016

The number of co-authored scientific publications involving American and Israeli researchers increased by 45 percent over 10 years, from 3,439 joint U.S.-Israel publications in 2006 to 4,979 publications in 2015

Heat stroke

02 December, 2016

Global warming is not only rising temperatures, but climate disorder: Huge fires, droughts, heat and cold waves, floods and high winds. The weather has gone crazy and we should prepare for it before the next ecological disaster.


17 November, 2016

The Holy City is on the verge of breaking into the world’s top 20 start-up ecosystems

Shfar'am wants an High-Tech Park as the one in Yokneam

04 November, 2016

Shfar'am municipality officials led by Mayor reliable Anabtawi visited Yokneam High-Tech Park to be impressed by the High-Tech Park in the city. the mayor was accompanied by senior researchers at the Samuel Neeman

The path for increasing energy efficiency

24 October, 2016

The Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research publishes policy recommendations on energy efficiency. A Document written by Prof. Gershon Grossman, head of the Energy domain in the Samuel Neaman institute, states that the recognition of the problem of inefficiency and waste is increasing in the energy sector. Energy Efficiency can help Israel meet obligations it undertook in the field of reducing polluting emissions.

Why there aren't many women on the academic staff?

11 October, 2016

Recently published data indicate diminishing numbers of women among senior staff, primarily in the technology and engineering. The reason for this stems from the stereotyped and perceived professions division

The 5776 mirror: Looking back over the past Jewish year

04 October, 2016

As we look back over the past Jewish year, Israel has room for much optimism and hope – and a dark cloud or two.

Is Israel prepared for a brave new world in which robots do the work humans once did?

03 October, 2016

What would life without a job be like? What if robots and computers did nearly all the work once done by humans? This is not science fiction. Increasingly, these tasks are being done by smart machines.

Pneumatic waste collection system in residential neighborhoods – an economically and environmentally viable solution for densely built residential areas

01 October, 2016

Pneumatic waste collection systems in neighborhoods have many advantages over conventional collection, such as lower operating costs and less noise and odor pollution (generated from collection trucks). A research study for the Ministry of Environmental Protection examined the viability of such automatic waste collections systems in new residential neighborhoods construction projects.

The gaps between men and women in academia - especially in the exact sciences

30 September, 2016

New data from the Samuel Neaman Institute: why the proportion of women falls in stages after the doctorate, academic institutions, how to maintain male dominance even unconsciously, what will encourage women to move forward.

Vocational education belongs to the Ministry of Education

27 July, 2016

The ink had not dried on the blessed decision to unit under the Ministry of Education and vocational education, which is currently under the Ministry of Economy, and here we were told it was canceled at this point. This outrageous decision requires the reaction of those who are concerned about the future of good technological education in Israel.

green vehicles are costly

06 July, 2016

A study conducted at Samuel Neaman Institute found that the total cost per kilometer of internal combustion vehicles is the lowest, followed by hybrid vehicles, in the third place electric vehicle and in last place plug-in hybrid vehicles. The study reveals the parameters affecting these costs

High-tech employees are richer - but don’t blame them for the increase in apartment prices

30 June, 2016

True, some high-tech workers are willing to pay very high sums for rent in central Tel Aviv, but from there to make them guilty for the rise in housing prices – there is a long way. Even a skilled programmer will need his parents help to reach the equity needed to purchase a home.

CBS warns from collapse of the high-tech industry

14 June, 2016

Unless unexpected changes will occur in the coming months, the Israeli high-tech exports drop 27.8% by the end of the year. Electronic manufacturing industry at high risk: expected to lose 71% of exports by the end of 2016

Crazy not to recycle?

08 June, 2016

How much does it actually costs us to recycle paper, bottles and other products, and has the time come to examine alternatives?

Has the high-tech industry went out of the deadlock - and to what extent is it actually relevant to our lives?

01 June, 2016

Five years ago today, a series of articles have been published in TheMarker that analyzed the contribution of the high-tech industry to the Israeli economy. The time has come to examine what has changed.

Education & The Technion

01 June, 2016

Prof. Orit Hazzan led a revolution in the Faculty of Education Science and Technology in the Technion.

The bags law: will the Israeli consumer give up plastic bags?

29 May, 2016

The bags law: will the Israeli consumer give up plastic bags?

Did not do their homework

15 April, 2016

In November 2012 the New York Times declared that this is "the year of the MOOC" - a nickname for courses the best universities in the world are offering for free, online, for those who want, whenever they want and from any point in the world. “Nothing has a greater potential to bring people out of poverty ", declared the celebrated columnist of the newspaper, Thomas Friedman, and it seemed that quality academic education will soon be within the reach of any interested party. However, it turns out that the courses are most suitable for highly educated and motivated students, there is a view that – instead of narrowing gaps – the courses might widening them.

Risk Management of STEM Education in Israel

13 April, 2016

In order to foster STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education in Israel for maintaining Israel’s economic leadership, cross-sector cooperation should be established. This cross-sector cooperation should preserve the role of the education system as the authority in charge of public education but, at the same time, allows other sectors to act in this scene in a way which assists the education system achieving the objectives of STEM education.

Addicted to plastic bag

13 April, 2016

Is the levy of ten Agorot on the use of disposable bags at the supermarket will shift the habit Israelis have of excessive consumption of these bags?

Dozens of execution companies reached freezing or breaking down in the last couple years

07 March, 2016

The journal article tries to rely on the research report to make the statement that the "Israeli construction industry cannot produce annually more than 40,000 dwelling units". However it ignores the main message in this work which states that in the current mode of operation the industry cannot reach the 40000 target but with technological upgrading to improve its productivity it can make it. This is the challenge and the opportunity, and the government should employ policies which can make it happen.

The work suggest line of action for that to happen.

Work and Society - Second story in series

03 March, 2016

Dr. Reuven Gal and Dr. Gilad Malach, who have been studying for years the Integration of Ultra-Orthodox Jews in the public and the business sector, sketch the current situation in the Ultra-Orthodox employment. Joining them is Asaf Malachi, head of Ultra-Orthodox research discipline, who also tries to predict the future of employment.

Bags Law: punishing the weakest due to the minority of pollutants

03 March, 2016

There are two main beneficiaries from the bags law passed by the Knesset - canvas bags manufacturers and environmental activists. The  Ministry of Environmental Protection will benefit from the tax as payments would be delivered to 'cleanliness fund.

Due to a delay in the solar water heaters Law - Israel is losing millions

19 February, 2016

A bill that requires the installation of solar water heaters in tall buildings is stuck in the Knesset. Current law does not require the installation of solar water heating systems in buildings higher than nine stories. Organization ‘Man, Nature and Law’: "The cost to the economy is billions of shekels, it is simply a crime"

Research: Tax credits for R&D investment can produce a yield of up to 100%

18 February, 2016

In light of slowdown in activity in the high-tech industry, Samuel Neaman Institute offers to add a support tool relatively free of bureaucracy, to encourage non-technological companies to invest in research and development and technical innovation, alongside existing R&D support programs.

Who needs private pension funds? Look at Japan and South Korea

14 February, 2016

The pension crisis requires rethinking about saving mechanism. Prof. Sheshinski and Samuel Neaman Institute offer a fundamental alter the existing system.

Start-up nation at risk: Israel is losing its position as a global leader in innovation

12 February, 2016

A new report reveals that Israel, ranked second in the world in R&D as a percentage of GDP, is stagnating while many countries are increasing their investments in the sector. The study authors- "looking only at the good side endangers Israel as a leading country".

Electric vehicle or normal? What calculation you should do before purchasing

19 January, 2016

A new study examined the real costs of driving electric or Hybrid vehicle, and answered the question - when choosing them becomes worthwhile not only to the environment but also to the pocket

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