Orit Hazzan

Orit Hazzan
Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Education Forum Project

Professor Orit Hazzan is the Technion’s Dean of Undergraduate Studies.

Her research focuses on a) policy in STEM education in higher education and b) computer science and software engineering education. As part of her academic and public activities, she promotes collaboration among the academia, the hi-tech industry, IDF and the education system, with respect to science and technology education.  

During 2005-2007 she served as the Technion’s vice dean of undergraduate studies; during 2006-2010 she headed the computer science curriculum committee, assigned by the ministry of education, whose role was to scrutinize the high school computer science curriculum and update it according to new developments in the field; in 2011-2015, she chaired the Technion's Department of Education in Science and Technology. Under her leadership, the department changed its status to a faculty.

At the Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research, she heads the Forum on Science and Technology Education.

Professor Hazzan has published about 120 papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings and 7 books.

Additional details about her activities, can be found in her professional homepage.

Science and Technology Education Forum

Science and Technology Education Forum

The Forum for Science and Technology Education started its activities in 2013. The purpose of the forum is to establish and promote cooperation between different sectors in Israel in order to foster K-12 science and technology education. The Neaman Institute decided to focus on this topic due to the importance attributed to science and technology education in Israel for the future of the state and the need to increase the number of high-school pupils who choose to study these subjects on the AP level.
Women In Computing

Women In Computing

the project focused on how diversity is expressed in the national Informatics Olympiad. There are numerous international, as well as national, science Olympiads that serve as an opportunity for developing and demonstrating intellectual and scientific skills; as such, they attract highly talented and gifted students. Accordingly, a relevant question to be asked is: What does this fact reflect with respect to the expression of diversity in this context? In this study we aim at examining this question by focusing on how diversity is expressed in the Israeli national Informatics Olympiad.
If Alona bareket can, so can you

If Alona bareket can, so can you

17 November, 2016
If you had 100 million shekels, how would you invest them? houses, a private jet, jewelry or football? Alona Barkat chose to invest this amount in a football club.
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