Press Release From 2011

Kishon's tourism value justifies the investment in rehabilitation

30 December, 2011

"Americans do not understand what's going on here"

28 December, 2011

At a debate in the framework of the Israel Business Conference, the "Globes" The participants were impending questions about renewable energy domain: What are the main problems, who are the culprits, whether the industry has future and how to achieve it.

The gap between Israel and Turkey and Iran is shrinking

27 December, 2011

At a discussion of the technological gaps narrowing between Israel and its neighbors in the Middle East, disturbing data was presented, according to which investments in Turkey and Iran at the Academy paid, while in Israel we mostly benefit from past investments.

The Kishon as a resource, and rehabilitation benefits - open dialogue between industry, government and third sector organizations at Environmental Responsibility conference 2011

26 December, 2011

An open dialogue between industry, government and third sector organizations at Environmental Responsibility conference 2011

Refineries would report GHG emissions

17 December, 2011

The emissions registration mechanism, formulated by the Ministry of Environment with the Technion's Samuel Neaman Institute in cooperation with many stakeholders, is a vital tool for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In recent years, reporting and registration systems were established in many countries, adjusted to local needs and characteristics of each country.

The Conversation: Presidential Opening of Israel Business Conference

11 December, 2011

Shimon Peres, Yair Seroussi, Zion Keinan, Anat Levin, Amos Shapira, Hezi Bezalel, Rami Shavit, Ofer Nimrodi and many came to the opening and first day of the Israel Business Conference

See the bigger picture, slightly ahead

05 December, 2011

Economic leaders open  the Israel Business Conference, with discussions that will determine the agenda in 2012

Research states: The Technion is one of the leading contributors to Israel's economy

02 December, 2011

The research, commissioned by the Neaman Institiute board, has interviewed 4000 adults. The research concluded that half of Israeli companies on NASDAQ are directly related to Technion graduates, establishment or management.


26 November, 2011

Within two years: ICL has reduced the pollution by 37%

07 November, 2011

21 companies have agreed to report greenhouse gas emissions resulting from their activities. ICL emissions decreased from 3.8 million tons of carbon dioxide - to 2.4 million.

Serial excellence- Doctor for community

31 October, 2011

Dr. George Ghraib, the Tirat Carmel clinic director, recently received a certificate of appreciation from the mayor, as the project leader of lifestyle changes, in cooperation with the Samuel Neaman Institute.

Opening the year at the Technion

28 October, 2011

Academic year opening ceremony at the Technion- the board welcomed 1,900 new students, of which 40% are women.

Moment after another Nobel Prize: The Technion's heyday became his fatal hour

27 October, 2011

The excellence stronghold on Mount Carmel is facing widening cracks: the lack of funding, donations shrinking, growing criticism of the attitude of lecturers and increase attractiveness of competitors

The first meeting on unification of Galilee industrial parks will be held at Dalton Park

27 October, 2011

The academic ranking does not matter

25 October, 2011

Do high-tech companies prefer certain institute graduates?

Humanities: clean electricity affects birds?

23 October, 2011

Researchers participated in a forum to reduce the gaps between the ultra-orthodox and secular sectors

19 October, 2011

Israel on the slope of technology

16 October, 2011

A doctor who gives for community

07 October, 2011

Social revolution - the coalition against Netanyahu and affordable living

04 October, 2011

The people thwarting the Trachtenberg report approval, work in favor of crony capitalism

03 October, 2011

Prof. Zeev Tadmor, former Technion president, "the protest leaders need to decide whether they really want to change or have they fallen in love with the revolution"

A smart time bomb

28 September, 2011

While the Israeli Academy shuffling, the Muslim world experiences, in recent years, scientific renaissance that may threaten Israel in the future.

At the end of the year

27 September, 2011


26 September, 2011

On Thursday morning, at the stock market, boutique event was held on energy and security of the newspaper "Globes", featuring Gershon Grossman and others.

Inevitable process

23 September, 2011

More and more ultra-orthodox serve in the army and go to academic institutes. Is the ultra-orthodox public marches toward integration with the Israeli society?

Turkey cannot block Israel's oil supply

22 September, 2011

Most of Israel's oil imports are transported via Turkey, but international treaties guarantee supply.

How to get to chair PBC?

22 September, 2011

The program "Promoting female students in the study of science, engineering, technology and industry" was launched

21 September, 2011

Neve Shaanan WIZO leads an innovative and unique project, participating 45 students, in cooperation with the Haifa Municipality, the Technion and the Northern Manufacturers Association.

Three proposals have won the Technion Energy Efficiency Competition

17 September, 2011

23 companies have joined the voluntary system of reporting and registration of greenhouse gas emissions by the Ministry of Environment

11 September, 2011

The chairman of the Ultra-Orthodox Employment Project at Technion in Haifa on the complexity of the Ultra-Orthodox job market

25 August, 2011

Dr. Gal at Trachtenberg: Committee "the finger of blame should be directed to the governments of Israel throughout the generations."

Trachtenberg, you talk too much

24 August, 2011

Haifa - a missed hi-tech city

14 August, 2011

An ultra-orthodox group is fighting yeshiva students recruitment to national service

12 August, 2011

Who is Professor Trachtenberg that will head the Rothschild team

08 August, 2011

"Without affordable - housing there would be a war of classes"

22 July, 2011

Who really controls the inventions of Israeli engineers and who enjoys it?

16 July, 2011

Stuck in the trash

08 July, 2011

Loss of water is a luxury that no city can afford

01 July, 2011

Haifa has submitted its candidacy to the competition "10 green cities and local authorities in 2011"

29 June, 2011

Inferior water for agriculture - pros and cons

29 June, 2011

First seminar of its kind on the Ultra-Orthodox population in the employment world

24 June, 2011

Their week

23 June, 2011

"wishing for thousands of Ultra-Orthodox at the academy"

17 June, 2011

"You have to adjust the academy to the Ultra-Orthodox, not vice versa"

16 June, 2011

The state of exits

10 June, 2011

Haim Shani: "The Hi - Tech has the potential to lead the economy for many years to come"

02 June, 2011

Only one of every 10 employees benefits from high - tech

01 June, 2011

The Israeli educational system is a market failure

01 June, 2011

The tracks exist, we need more passengers

01 June, 2011

We milk the past

01 June, 2011

No longer high - tech nation

01 June, 2011

A Knowledge Center was established, to formulate a policy for Israel's preparation for climate change

18 May, 2011


13 May, 2011

7.62 NIS per liter octane 95, the all-time high:A travel diary among the Israelis who groan under the price of crazy fuel, the experts who do not understand how we got to this absurd situation and one government, which does not give a damn.

The researchin Israel is in stagnation

13 May, 2011

Academic research in Israel occupies a prominent place in the top echelons of world academia, and even manages to lead in some areas, according to a new study.
The bad news: In the last decade there has been a regression in many areas of research. "The achievements of the present are the fruits of past investments. The serious processes that have taken place in recent years will be felt only in the future and may cause a crisis "

Green Universities

06 April, 2011

Why seek out information if you already have answers at home?

04 April, 2011

Full speed on Renewable Energy

01 April, 2011

Grossman: Charge domestic content in solar installations

12 March, 2011

Their not anxious from us

07 March, 2011

The Ultra-Orthodox population doubles itself every 15 years

04 March, 2011

Do not stop the Tal Law

25 February, 2011

The great bluff of the environmental organizations exposed: developing a green electrical energy will not have any impact on oil demand

19 February, 2011

Trundling along

14 February, 2011

Despite a long railway history, Israel is still waiting for a comprehensive rail system.

Grass Science: The campuses in Israel are covered in Green

11 February, 2011

Herzliya Conference: missing the issue

09 February, 2011

Is all quiet on the economic front?

08 February, 2011

The yearly Herzliya conference has become an important international event. But one central issue is glaringly absent from this year's program - the debilitating economic concentration in this country


The state creates rich only ghettos here

08 February, 2011

Bring down the walls of prejudice

31 January, 2011

The dream of freedom deficit

30 January, 2011

Venture capital, no capital and no risk

24 January, 2011

Prof. Amir Barnea: "I was surprised to see that Koor Board of Directors approved the investment in Credit Suisse"

20 January, 2011

The grades exchange of the Ministry of Education

14 January, 2011

"Israel 2028": 60 experts over two years

09 January, 2011

"Israel 2028" presents a national vision and strategic goal to bring Israel to be between 10-15 The world's leading countries in terms of Gross National Product (GDP) per capita, with all sectors The population in activity and welfare. It set a target for Israel to reach a GDP of $ 50,000 Per capita in 2028, while maintaining a free, balanced and fair economy based on its abilityCultural and scientific-technological aspects of the country.

Hello There, good inflation

09 January, 2011

"The high - tech locomotive can not carry the economy alone"

05 January, 2011

Finally- Israel fights global warming

03 January, 2011

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