Press Release From 2012

Elisha Yanai: "The high-tech industry has no one- in the government- to turn to "

26 December, 2012

Yanai at a roundtable on employment responsibility in the high-tech field, held as part of the "Globes" Israel Business Conference: "the Russian immigration brought big boost to the industry in the '90s"

The future of the electricity sector is already here: "The public will control its electricity consumption"

26 December, 2012

Economy Vice president of Tax Authority: Smart Grid applications will also serve the tax collection mechanisms. Director of the Cleantech field, Office of the Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor: "It resembles the invention of the car. At the time, people said it was no better than a horse"

Ironi Hey's activity has been noted at the Israel-Sderot Conference on Social Issues

21 December, 2012

At the conference, Giora Shalgi described how the students built a robot in teamwork and without a defined leader.

Transition to a low-carbon economy

07 December, 2012

Air emissions of greenhouse gases are gradually causing climate change manifested in dissolving glaciers, rising sea level (causing fear for flooding populated coastal areas), and a radical change in precipitation regime in various parts of the globe. These emissions are generated as a result of human activity in agriculture, transportation, and industrial activities. Environmental advocate organizations, investors and consumers demand less pollution. Even if there are non-scientific community arguments - about the rate of climate change and human involvement as a result of greenhouse gas emissions, the scientific world and most decision makers indicate the direction of the need to transition to low-carbon economy.

An Innovation Course by the Technion at Misgav Industrial Park

29 November, 2012

The Misgav Industrial Park management, "Daroma-Tzafona" company and the Technion Innovation Center opened a course in Misgav, on innovation in the industry. CEOs and VPs of companies operating in the Misgav Industrial Park are participating in course.

Israeli doctors investigate more - but deteriorating in the prestigious quotes index

14 November, 2012

A new survey reveals that Israel fell to the 23rd place in the worldwide quotes index, which is a tool to evaluate the quality of publications. Doctors in hospitals belonging to the nonprofits organizations - like Hadassah and Shaare Zedek - research more, publicize more and submit more patent applications than their counterparts.

Who protects the public from toxic materials and toxic waste? No one

13 November, 2012

Eexpired drugs, detergents, paint removers and more can be found in every household, yet, the public is not aware of the hazards, there are no publications nor explanations as to the possible threats. Children are much more vulnerable, but the authorities are not promoting regulation nor supervision.

Doctors in Israel - many Publications, less quotes

13 November, 2012

23% of all Israeli academic publications are in the field of clinical medicine. This data of the National Council for Research and Development in the Ministry of Science, was collected in conjunction with CBS, indicating a relatively large volume of engaging in research among physicians, however, in quality measures -  it's a different  story

Islamic Brain and the Battle of Science

12 November, 2012

While Israel has eroded the governmental research budgets for scientific research and development over the last decade, the Arab countries have increased their investments in scientific research and development by tens of billions of dollars.

The energy forum at S. Neaman Institute at the Technion led by Prof. Gershon Grossman examined the profitability of oil shale utilization in Israel

29 October, 2012

Lack of orderly approval process for various proposed projects for oil shale mining and utilization as a source for producing liquid fuels, and lack of coordination between relevant ministries - a significant problem of regulation - constitute an extreme burden on entrepreneurs interested in operating in this field in Israel. This is the main conclusion reached by a consensus of special experts at the "Energy Forum" discussion in mid-October.

Prof. Ofira Ayalon "Green growth without a detailed budget is not effective"

24 October, 2012

Prof. Ofira Ayalon has presented in the first "Haifa cleantech conference" the need to implement cleantech technologies in the industry and the role of governmental regulations to pull these technologies into the Israeli market.

Mr. Yehzkel Farkash of S.Neaman institute was chosen by "" as one of the 50 people that "Made the Year of 2012"

11 October, 2012

From "":

Many are familiar with Hezki Farkash from Haifa, the Operations Officer of ZAKA’s  Northern Command.   ( ZAKA = Zihuy Korbanot Ason).

It turns out, that throughout the last year his span of activity in the area of helping the Ultra-Orthodox public, did not fall from his ZAKA activity.

Farkash led  the coordination of Ultra-Orthodox youth volunteering into the National Civic Service, particularly in the "Respect the Elderly" project,  of the Ministry for Senior Citizens.  This is in addition to his high involvement in the Ultra-Orthodox Project at the Samuel Neaman Institute at the Technion in Haifa.  His vast activities for the public, are probably part of the man's DNA.


A new coordinator for the "Environmental Tag" project

09 October, 2012

The Local Government Center is happy to welcome aboard Mrs. Tal Goldrath, as the new coordinator for the "Environmental Tag" project.

Tal holds a B.Sc. degree in Chemical engineering and a M.Sc. in water, soil and environmental engineering, both from the Technion, Haifa. Tal has a wide experience in policy research on environmental and energy issues, after working for the last five years at the Samuel Neaman Institute. Tal was involved in cooperative work with government offices and significant stake holders on various environmental issues, especially energy and greenhouse gas reduction plans. In addition, Tal is a PhD candidate at the Natural Resource and Environmental Management department at Haifa university, conducting research on energy efficiency measures in the Israeli electricity market.

Semiconductor industry executives will attend a conference of the Semiconductor Organization GSA

09 October, 2012

The Israel Executive Forum conference will be held in November in Herzliya, and will be attended by Tower - Jazz CEO Russell Ellwanger, and executives from Broadcom, Microsemi and SanDisk.

Interview with Prof. Rand, the new CEO of SNI, on the vital role of the institution in improving decision-making at the national level, The Technion Magazine

01 October, 2012

Excellent researchers, thorough research work and the absence of any sectorial agenda - this is our formula and our mandate." Explains Rand, the new CEO of Samuel Neaman Institute, his philosophy and the philosophy of the institution he began to manage. "The reputation of Samuel Neaman Institute derives from being an independent institution without bias, that produces trustworthy data and conclusions."

To exit or not to exit

29 September, 2012

That’s the billion-dollar question. Israel prides itself on being the start-up nation, but many contend that it would be better off creating its own homegrown multinationals.

First Degree - Go to College

02 September, 2012

Recently published survey carried out by the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education  indicates a change in  higher education in Israel.

Rise in the number of employed Haredim in the last decade

29 August, 2012

 In the last decade the number of haredim entering the labor market jumped by 28%

Kinneret College opens its doors to the Haredi public

29 August, 2012

The State allots 30 million to finance academic degrees for the Orthodox community degrees in 30 million

26 August, 2012

Scholarship program of the PBC: the state will grant loans to haredi students that will turn into scholarships upon completion of their studies. This layout was chosen in light of a Samuel Neaman report that found a high dropout rate of haredi students, about 50%, in preparatory or freshmen courses.

Chronicling Technion's Transformative Influence on Israel and the World

21 August, 2012

As Technion continues to make headlines, many have asked how a small Israeli university became the powerhouse that has had a $60 billion impact on the Israeli economy, transforming it from one focused on agriculture to one based on high-tech – in other words, from Jaffa to Java.

The book Technion Nation, by Profs. Amnon Frenkel and Shlomo Maital, senior research fellows at Technion’s Samuel Neaman Institute for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology, tells how Technion scientists have given the world discoveries leading to treatments for cancer and Alzheimer’s and countless innovations that enrich the lives of people everywhere – winning Nobel Prizes along the way.

In the book’s foreword, Israel’s President Shimon Peres says, “It was lucky the Technion was founded prior to the establishment of the State of Israel, helping us prepare for the future.”
Also discussed in the book are the many start-up companies that emanate from Technion researchers and alumni, and facts that include:
•More than two-thirds of the Israeli companies traded on the tech-heavy NASDAQ stock exchange have Technion alumni as founders or senior managers.
•There are more firms from Israel listed on the NASDAQ than from France, Germany and the UK combined.
•17 percent of Technion graduates work in high-tech start-ups – three times the general rate.


Positive Change

18 August, 2012

Rise in the rate of employment of the Haredi Sector: A research report of the Samuel Neaman Institute points to a rise from 35% (in 2002) to 45% (in 2011) in the rate of employment of Haredi men in Israel.

Industry, Trade & Labor Minister Shalom Simhon: "The way to success of the Israeli industry is in creating the right combination between traditional practice and high-tech industry"

16 August, 2012

"The way to success of the Israeli industry is in creating the right combination between traditional practice and high-tech industry" said Shalom Simhon, Minister of Industry, Trade & Labor during the second Misgav conference for classic industries, held in Yuvalim, Misgav. The conference was attended by leaders in the economy and academia, including Oded Tira, Chairman of Phoenicia Israel - America, Israel Makov, Chairman of Given Imaging, Avi Hasson Chief Scientist of the ITL Office and Professor Miriam Erez director of the Center for Innovation at the Technion and Israel Prize laureate.

Haredi sector sees continued rise in employment

13 August, 2012

BoI stats show 27% uptick in working ultra-orthodox males over 10 year span, but percentage remains well below national average.

Survey: Employment rate of Ultra-Orthodox men rose by 28% within a decade

12 August, 2012

An examination of the Samuel Neaman Institute at the Technion found that the employment rate of Ultra-Orthodox men aged 25-54 increased between 2002-2011 from 35% to about 46%. Among Ultra-Orthodox women, the employment rate in recent years has crossed the 50% bar.

The Secret of Israel's Success in 125 Pages

09 August, 2012

If you liked Start-Up Nation, you’ll be intrigued by this new book, Technion Nation: The Technion’s Contribution to Israel and the World by Amnon Frenkel and Shlomo Maital.

Israel ,The Exit Country

06 August, 2012

Nimble and flimsy startups, without a deck and railing, open up and close down – the successful ones are sold overseas. How do you build stable industrial flagships alongside them that are able to provide for thousands of families and navigate the Israeli economy to safety?

Unstable Industry

26 July, 2012

National infrastructure and its negative influence on the level of hi-tech – a matter of concern for Jonathan Korpel.

Operation for the integration of 3,000 Ultra Orthodox Academy students

25 July, 2012

180 million NIS will be invested until 2016 in the UOF (Ultra-Orthodox Framework) program of the Ministry of Education, to integrate Ultra-Orthodox students in the Academy. 10 universities opened special branches , and the students will receive scholarships. The goal is to enable them at the end join the labor market.

Professor Omri Rand was appointed as Director of the Samuel Neaman Institute

22 July, 2012

No longer "Startup Nation": productivity in Israeli high - tech in the fall

08 July, 2012

Data received Chief Scientist's Office indicate a 20% gap between the productivity of a high - tech industry to that of their counterparts in the U.S. ■ Chief Scientist Avi Hasson decided to establish a committee headed by Zvi Eckstein, former Deputy Governor, Bank of Israel, to examine the causes of fertility differentials

Lack of funds inhibits the integration of ultra-Orthodox Academy

05 July, 2012

Rabbi Yehezkel Fogel training institution founded by Orthodox say that a lack of funds inhibits the integration Orthodox Academy.

Samuel Neaman Institute report Orthodox growing number of students from five in the last decade

Minister of Industry and other senior officials attended a conference in Misgav

24 June, 2012

Minister Shalom Simhon: "The way to the success of the Israeli industry is by creating the right mix between the traditional industry and the high-tech industry"

IDF offers: Criminal responsibility for Head of Yeshiva who lies

12 June, 2012

Representatives of the manpower department suggest reducing the age of enlistment to ultra-Orthodox tracks to 20 and canceling stage 2 of the Shin Yod Lamed administration: to extend the period of national-civil service.Eugene Kendall: Carrot for servants and stick to draft dodgers. Warns: low participation rate in work - an existential threat.

2nd Misgav Conference For Promoting Clasic Industries Takes Off

07 June, 2012

Misgav Conference For Promoting Classic Industries in Israel, will be held on Tuesday, June 12th at Yuvalim in the Galilee. The subject of the conference will be the  "Israel 2028" Report.

Us or against us? - Leaks from the PEB Committee

05 June, 2012

The PEB Committee engaged in recruiting Ultra - Orthodox and Arabs, but the sectors officials did not show up in discussions.

"Environmental label" on products will improve sales

31 May, 2012

A study at Haifa University shows that environmental label on products improves the feeling of the consumer and becomes more and more significant in purchase considerations.

Minister of Industry and CEO of Phoenicia will open the Conference of Classic Industries

28 May, 2012

The conference will be held on June 12. Giora Shalgi will attend on behalf of Samuel Neaman Institute.

To Give

18 May, 2012

Dr. Asher Bashiri grew in a large family in Be'er - Sheva. When he decided to study medicine, he recieved the help of the international ISEF foundation.

Prof. Eppie Yaar's Publication from 2006 was cited in the Science and Engineering Indicators 2012 report by the NSF

15 May, 2012

Prof. Eppie Yaar's Publication "Science and technology in the Israeli consciousness" from 2006 was cited in Chapter 7 of the Science and Engineering Indicators 2012 report by the NSF

Train surprises

11 May, 2012

Interview of Professor Ruth Arnon

10 May, 2012

Dr. Reuven Gal - eliminating the Tal Law will cause endless

02 May, 2012

Dr. Reuven Gal - Orthodox integration team at the Technion talks about the messy situation where the Tal Law by the fact that no one knows the fate of the government. Opinion cancel the Tal Law will cause endless

TNN Telcom: Sophisticated conference room at S.Neaman Institute

30 April, 2012

When multimedia is integrated into the design: TNN Telecom has established a sophisticated conference room management of Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy.

Prof. Ofira Ayalon, Technion, Haifa University, Tel Aviv University: Climate Changes preperations

28 April, 2012

Bio - fuels and their contribution to our independence energy

26 April, 2012

This article reviews the role of biofuels in energy independence of the State of Israel. The article cites the work done on by the  environment and energy team at the SNI in 2008

water conservation

15 April, 2012

easy way to water conservation

Technion's contribution through its graduates to the Israeli Economy

10 April, 2012

The report present the unique contribution of the Technion to the economy through its graduates and testify to the integration of the graduates and their leading position in the growth branches of the Israeli economy.

"Votes for Israelis abroad - End of Zionism"

01 April, 2012

Dozens of intellectuals signed a petition against the initiative to allow Israelis who left the country to vote for the Knesset: "trampling of democracy".

"Get off the evacuation - Construction and start to renovate"

29 March, 2012

Mission agencies working in the field of affordable housing in Boston, visited Israel and was unpleasantly surprised by the "local patents".

Recognition in Szold Tests - Who deserves the credit for the great achievement?

14 March, 2012

A historic achievement for tens of thousands of orthodox women with the recognition of the Szold tests as Bagrut Exams by the Minister of Education.

Technion researchers: human capital investment creates high yield

06 March, 2012

Creation of human capital investment at the Technion yields high rates of 76 to 197 percent and in absolute terms at least 35-60 billion dollars of yield during the 50 years cycle of graduates.

Preparing the World for Climate Change

27 February, 2012

How can we maximize our preparedness for the challenges that the globe will face due to climate change?

All rights reserved. At the Bank

23 February, 2012

IDF: lack of funds prevents ultra-orthodox enlistment

21 February, 2012

Throw out the law together with the process

18 February, 2012

Opening new markets for water technologies

16 February, 2012

Brain Drain: 2000 doctors have left abroad

16 February, 2012

Think ahead

16 February, 2012

Protest expressed disgust with the concentration of wealth by a few

08 February, 2012

"MK that would not speak with lobbyists, will burn in the business sector"

08 February, 2012

Sever Plotzker: Concentration = semantic. There's no need for centralization commissions

08 February, 2012

Investment: Creation of human capital at the Technion in Haifa

07 February, 2012

Higher Education: Technion graduates generate revenues of $ 21 billion each year

07 February, 2012

Researchers: Technion graduates are responsible for 20% of the annual gross output in high-tech in Israel

07 February, 2012

Barnea: "The risk of pyramids is higher then market pricing, the backbone of their directors- Flexible"

07 February, 2012

"In 2008 we found that the fall of two groups will lead to a system crash"

06 February, 2012

Strum: Banks controlled by the large groups have no interest in funding competitors

06 February, 2012

Chief Scientist: Government investment in R & D decreases

02 February, 2012

2 rooms in 2 miliion ILS is afforadable housing?

30 January, 2012

The coalition timer

27 January, 2012

The water of tomorrow

25 January, 2012

The world relies on water-intensive industries, which need solutions that will increase the use of this precious resource, such as the gas industry that is developing in Israel in giant steps. A joint project of NewTech, the Samuel Neaman Institute and the Export Institute will present preliminary findings at the Israel Export Institute.

"The Israeli water industry is not allowed to rest on its laurels, but it must continue to act to strengthen its leadership in the world." Dita Bronicki, CEO of geothermal energy giant Ormat, said at an environmental and industry conference recently held by the economic newspaper The Marker, in a discussion on the future of Israeli industry.

Newtec, the Israel Export Institute and the Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research also believe that it is impossible to remain silent, and therefore work together to increase the competitive power of the Israeli water industry worldwide. One of their projects is to map out water-intensive industrial sectors that need innovative technological developments to streamline and even actually survive business.

This is a research project that began at the end of July 2011 and is likely to continue for a year, led by Dr. Gilad (Gili) Fortuna, head of the Center for Industrial Excellence, and a senior research associate at the Neaman Institute. "Fortuna brings with him extensive experience in Israeli industry, And he is one of the entrepreneurs behind the successful aquisition company. The project is coordinated by Shiri Freund Koren, research assistant.
A Ghost

22 January, 2012

From "proactive employment" to "proactive education"

21 January, 2012

Research Evaluation Metrics- International and Local Perspectives

15 January, 2012

Report: temperature rise, floods, rain will diminish

09 January, 2012

Environmental organizations: Do not cut climate plan funding

08 January, 2012

Program: The money raised from bags selling will be transferred to a special fund for the environment / you pack- you pay

06 January, 2012

The government has decided for you: replace light bulbs - and save electricity

05 January, 2012

Affordable housing - between competitive and social city

05 January, 2012

Unaccessible education

04 January, 2012

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