Press Release From 2013

The storm visited our region

27 December, 2013

Prof. Ofira Ayalon explains that the snow storm in Jerusalem in the winter of 2013 is a clear indication for climate change. Israel will need to deal with these issues of climate change.

The Prediction: Severe shortage of science teachers

25 December, 2013

Data from Samuel Neaman Institute in the Technion: Only 10% of students studying 5 units of mathematics; if the number of high school pupils who study STEM in the high school is duplicated, Israel will face a serious shortage in teachers  in most of the TSEM subjects.  

A large increase in the employment of Haredim

18 December, 2013

A positive trend and increase in the number of Haredim integrating into the labor market and academia. Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research in the Technion ranks the most desired jobs.

New forum chaired by Uzi Arad aims to draw up Israeli grand strategy

11 December, 2013

The State of Israel is facing an unprecedented configuration of existential challenges. On July 7, 2013, a group of Israeli leaders met at the residence of Ben Gurion in Tel Aviv, who were united by their concern over Israel’s future in the absence of a broad and sophisticated national strategy.  Out of these discussions, a process was set into motion to mobilize the most gifted thinkers in the nation, to devise a Grand Strategy for Israel.

The Project is being led by Prof. Uzi Arad with Prof. Zehev Tadmor and Mr. Dror Strum, with the support of the S. Neaman Institute and the Israeli Center for Economic Planning, among others

A Forum comprising seventy of Israel’s most fertile and gifted thinkers from a variety of fields has been assembled. It will oversee the work of three Task Forces focusing in the areas of Statecraft, Defense and International Challenges; Economic, Social and Governance Challenges; and Science, Technology and Educational Challenges.

The State of Israel is facing an unprecedented configuration of existential challenges. On July 7, 2013, a group of Israeli leaders met at the residence of Ben Gurion in Tel Aviv, who were united by their concern over Israel’s future in the absence of a broad and sophisticated national strategy.  Out of these discussions, a process was set into motion to mobilize the most gifted thinkers in the nation, to devise a Grand Strategy for Israel.

The Project is being led by Prof. Uzi Arad with Prof. Zehev Tadmor and Mr. Dror Strum, with the support of the S. Neaman Institute and the Israeli Center for Economic Planning, among others

A Forum comprising seventy of Israel’s most fertile and gifted thinkers from a variety of fields has been assembled. It will oversee the work of three Task Forces focusing in the areas of Statecraft, Defense and International Challenges; Economic, Social and Governance Challenges; and Science, Technology and Educational Challenges.

Leap of 28 percent in the employment of Ultra-Orthodox

10 December, 2013

In the last few years, more and more Haredim join the labor market. The rate of employment among Haredi men is 45% -- compared to 33%  a decade ago. Though 45% is still relatively low, it is nevertheless a leap of 28 percent, compared to only marginal growth in the rest of the market. 

State does not require the installation of solar water heaters, the public pays

04 December, 2013

A bill to mandate installation of solar water heating systems, suggested by the energy forum of SNI, is waiting for approval for 2 years. The bill suggests that solar water heating systems will be installed in all buildings in Israel, not just to Floor 9. Meanwhile, more high – rise buildings are being built, without these systems and the residents are paying a higher electricity bill.

"The Iranians need the oil price to be $ 140 to survive"

21 November, 2013

Electric vehicles will contribute to air quality in Israel less than in France and Denmark, these are the results of a study recently published in the Journal of Environment Protection by Prof. Ofira Ayalon. The purpose of the study was to determine a "price tag", enabling to assess environmental and health benefits of the transition from internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles. Findings of the study show that the transition will save (or benefit) 44.34 euros per 10,000 miles of travel in Israel, 80.64 euros in Denmark and France 110.79 euros per 10,000 miles travelled.

Green Israel: recycles 44% of paper and more than half the bottles

18 November, 2013

Recycling systems are a blessing economically and socially, but also demand large resources and often pollute and harm the environment themselves, this before taking into account recycling containers and trash cans that block sidewalks and land costs of "green" industry.

Climate change could cause a rise in sea level and endanger millions of Israelis

06 November, 2013

A special report prepared for the Ministry of Environmental Protection, directed by Prof. Ofira Ayalon, informs against the threats of climate change affecting local authorities in Israel. Among the dangers: Rising sea levels that will affect Tel Aviv, Haifa, Bat Yam, Hakrayot and other cities, heat waves that would bring to death, disease outbreaks, drinking water shortage, forest fires and more. The General Director of the Ministry of Environmental Protection will head a committee along with other Ministries to lead the country's preparations on climate change.

Contribution of Higher Education

23 October, 2013

Prof. Ami Volansky's article on higher education and its contribution to the development of Israel. Volansky's  article notes data from  Samuel Neaman Institute's research "Israel 2028 - Vision and Strategy for Israel."

The eve of the new academic year, experts are sure: It's time to change our perception

12 October, 2013

Israel is ranked third in the world by number of academic degrees per capita. However, more and more young people discover that there is no employment horizon at the end of their studying, and they are left with a diploma in hand and a hole in their pocket.

Who's afraid of the Religious soldiers?

30 September, 2013

The Leftists were furious to discover the existence of a religious plot to take over the army.

The Right argued that this is a conspiracy against the religious officers.

And Dr. Reuven Gal, who had generated the turmoil, is convinced that both sides are wrong, but is pleased with the mere existence of the debate.

Surprise Bags

23 September, 2013

The article cites SNI study from 2008. According to the study, bags account for less than 1% of the waste in Israel. Their nominal share may be small, but their visibility on the roads, open areas and beaches is extremely significant, as well as the damage to animals that tangle in them and swallow them by mistake. The conclusion from our study was to include carrier bags within the packaging law

Israel producing fewer scientific studies per capita

02 September, 2013

The study by the Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research and the Science and Technology Ministry's National Council for Research and Development also shows Slight decline in the quality of research published. From 2007 to 2011, the latest year for which figures are available, Israel was ranked 15th in the quality of its research, while from 2001 to 2005 it was ranked 12th.

High- Tech Companies Gain from Israeli R&D

28 August, 2013

A new study by the Samuel Neaman Institute and the National Council for Research and Development, part of the Israeli Science and Technology Ministry, reveals that there is a significant rise in the absolute number of distinct inventions filed by foreign R&D centers and in their respective share out of total Israeli inventive activity. The research identified increasing trend of obtaining Israeli IP by means of acquisition of Israeli firms and start-ups. Acquired patents are becoming a substantial share out of the total patent portfolio of foreign R&D centers in Israel.

Foreign R & D centers are not the problem – but a part of the solution

26 August, 2013

Recently, the findings of a study done by the Samuel Neaman Institute and the National Council for Research and Development have been published. The research divided Israel patent records by attributing them to the patent source. The study showed that 27% of patents registered in the name of foreign R&D centers in Israel.

Prof. Oz Almog and the WhatsApp of Salma from Isifya

14 August, 2013

"My lovely friend, Salma, is a 23 years old young lady from the Isifya village that doesn't let go of her smartphone. "Can I have a glimpse at your WhatsApp list?" I said hesitantly. "Certainly, why not?" she replied, with typical generosity.

Excessive tax benefits will encourage national companies to register intellectual property in Israel

13 August, 2013

"There is no doubt that there are positive aspects in the wish of multi-national high-tech companies to operate in Israel, but there are also elements that may harm us, and we should see the overall picture," says Daphne Getz, who conducted a research on R&D output in Israel at the Samuel Neaman Institute at the Technion.

Who's at the forefront of Israeli innovation?

06 August, 2013

Foreign firms, not local startups, are the biggest source of Israeli patents, a study by the Samuel Neaman Institute has found.

Dr. Daphne Getz, who authored the study together with Dr. Eran Leck and Amir Hefetz, explains that because they are small, startups were hard hit by the global economic crisis, and have also been hurt by decline in venture capital funding.

Israel is ranked sixth among OECD countries in PCT patent application submissions of inventors in relation to population size

06 August, 2013

Research of the Samuel Neaman Institute at the Technion and the National Council for R & D at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space on the characteristics of the activity in the field of inventions in Israel, found that in 2010 Israel ranked sixth among OECD countries in submitting patent applications in the PCT route of inventors in relation to population.

The defiance virus

19 July, 2013

Two documents authored by the research-planning project "Integration of the Ultra-Orthodox into Israel’s Economy", led by Dr. Reuven Gal at the Samuel Neaman Institute at the Technion, shed light on the facts. Researcher Ilia Zatcovetsky found that the Haredi student population in Israel has grown in six years by more than a double - from 3,000 in 2006 to 7,350 in 2012 - and concluded that in the upcoming academic year it will reach 10,000.

Israel’s water expertise - an industrial moneymaker?

09 July, 2013

Billions to be made by helping companies meet green regulations.

Haifa vs Ashdod / / Netanyahu's moment of truth: How many new ports Israel needs - and where

27 June, 2013

In the next few days, the Prime Minister will determine whether to establish two private ports, as required by the Ministry of Transport, or settle for one, at the request of the Finance Ministry - and decide where the first port will be established ■ The difficult dilemma shows that the decision does not lean on professional considerations only since it will carry national and strategic implications

Wanted: water technologies in oil and gas searching field

06 May, 2013

Israeli water technologies industry has become one of the world's most desirable in recent years. Commercial attaches from variety embassies are interested in the products Israeli companies have to offer and it appears that the Ministry of Economy took the hint and established a unique project that will examine the following challenges of the companies in the field. The research project, which is sponsored by the Ministry in cooperation with Samuel Neaman Institute and the Export Institute, will ask to map the global challenges for Israel's water industry.

The journey to excellence in the Galilee

06 May, 2013

The motive of the initiators and founders of the program, Dr. David Ben Tolila (Western Galilee College), Giora Shalgi, Dr. Avigdor Zonnenschein and Hava Sher (Rafael), was the need, raised by a number of industry bodies, to invest in improving the competitiveness of northern industry in general and the Galilee in particular.

"Anyone who thinks to impose general studies does not know the Ultra-Orthodox community"

25 April, 2013

Dr. Reuven Gal, head of an Ultra-Orthodox Integration Project at the Technion: The way the government operates and mainly the statements of the last few days, instead of promoting the matter- create just the opposite.

An International Conference on Chemical uses of natural gas will be held in Tel Aviv

18 April, 2013

An International conference on 'chemical uses of natural gas' will open the ISRACHEM 2013 exhibition that will be held on April 30. The conference and exhibition will be held under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy, the Israel Chemical Society and the Manufacturers Association. Under the heading "Natural gas is much more than a cheaper fuel," will gather under one roof renowned personalities from leading research institutions in the U.S. and representatives of giant companies.


18 April, 2013

According to a research report published by the Samuel Neaman Institute at the Technion a year ago and was also placed on Piron's desk, there is no feasibility at this stage to make core studies an integral part of the Haredi curriculum. Nevertheless the study suggests a model that will enable a state funded extracurricular study framework that will allow parents who so desire, to send their children to study core subjects in kind of an informal study framework.

The Alternative Israel Prize – Top Ten

17 April, 2013

The newspaper "Makor Rishon", a religious Zionist publication, has selected 10 Israeli candidates for the "Alternative Israeli Award." One of these is Dr Reuven Gal, chosen for his Social Contribution.

“We chose people. Not slogans. Because we believe that for a better country, we need good people, those you can follow and learn from”.

Regarding Reuven Gal: "In his current position as head of the 'Ultra-Orthodox Integration Project', in the Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy at the Technion, Gal focuses on the possibilities of Ultra-Orthodox integration into the employment market, and in proactive delivery of information on this topic to policy makers. Previously the founder and first director of the National Civic Service in  the Prime Minister's Office, Gal managed to double the number of military exempt Haredim and Arabs participating in the National Civic Service. 

The school behind Israel's tech evolution

15 April, 2013

Since it opened in 1923, Technion has been a generator of innovation.

"Let's talk about it" on "equal burden"

04 April, 2013

The Subject of "equal burden" follows the State of Israel since its establishment, and last year, following events such as: Elimination of "Tal Law" by the Supreme Court in early 2012, establishment of the Committee for promoting integration and equality in the burden ("Plesner Committee") and the raising of the issue on public agenda by parties as "Yesh Atid", "HaBayit Hayehudi" and "Kadima "- it's taking up a large part of the public discourse.

On this burning subject, will focus the program "Let's Talk About It" that will be broadcast on April 10, 2013, from 9:00 p.m. to 23:00, on Reshet Bet of Kol Israel.

Read more about what's going to be broadcast, and the participants in the panel. The talk show will be led by Michael Miro, CEO of Kol Israel.

The Technion: Israel’s Hard Drive

02 April, 2013

When the Technion class of 1957 graduated, its members got together and wrote a letter of complaint to their prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, who was otherwise busy building a nation. “There were no jobs for us in our fields,” recalls Gideon F. Inbar, an electrical engineer who is now 79. “My wife kept saying, ‘Oy, things are grim, grim, grim.’ ”

Cultural sensitivity -The key to Ultra-Orthodox integration in the Academy

31 March, 2013

If the leaders of higher education want to enable quality and academic excellence to the entire society and avoid creating various classes, they must find a way to integrate the Haredi students, which are an integral part of the future generation of the academy, within colleges and universities, while showing cultural sensitivity that matches their worldview and way of life of the Haredi community.

Expert: Utilize new-found gas , don't export it

13 March, 2013

Israel's natural gas discoveries are expected to add a full percentage point to its GDP growth in 2013, but is its use being misdirected? Philanthropist, energy expert and chairman of the Israeli Institute for Economic Planning Yossie Hollander, thinks so.

"You can export the gas to China - but that is stealing $250 billion from the public"

13 March, 2013

Chairman of the Israeli Institute for Economic Planning, Yossi Hollander, said at the Herzliya Conference gas panel that restricting gas exports will reduce its price by half.

"Dr. Gilead Fortuna, a Senior Research Fellow at Samuel Neaman Institute said that as we received the gas from Egypt, we did not accelerate our internal production and therefore became dependent. Israel must produce NG substitutes for the local industries and transportation and later invest in new downstream products for export, which will grow the local industries and contribution to the economy.

Who keeps the women away from high - tech? "We would be pleased to receive CVs from women - but we just do not"

07 March, 2013

Women in high-tech raise money more easily, contribute to the success of the companies, and work more efficiently ■ If so, why only one of every five researchers and developers in Israel and 3% of Silicon Valley executives are women?

Work is their artistry

02 March, 2013

The hottest topic right now is equal rights and duties (or "equality in the burden") and the call for Ultra-Orthodox integration in the labor market. But research and facts show that in the last few years more and more Ultra-Orthodox joined the military service and took jobs ● A new research, published by Samuel Neaman Institute, presents disturbing data: Non-observant and modern-Orthodox employers are reluctant to employ Ultra-Orthodox workers ● Hanan Greenwood

Survey shows Israeli Jews becoming more superstitious

26 February, 2013

In the past 15 years, the number of Jews who profess belief in irrational concepts — defined as beliefs ungrounded in science — has grown from 44 percent to 50% • Israeli Jews becoming less supportive of state religious institutions.

Haredi Women Hit Glass Ceiling in Higher Education

18 February, 2013

A new study finds more ultra-Orthodox are pursuing studies than previously thought, but women have fewer career ambitions.

Real figures: A leap in the number of Ultra-Orthodox who serve the country and work

12 February, 2013

Myth breaking data published by the Samuel Neaman Institute, shows that there has been an increase of several hundred percent in recruitment to the army, civil service and integration of Ultra-Orthodox in the job market. Knesset member Uri Orbach told "Kikar HaShabbat": "The data is incorrect. Give me five minutes where we can walk around Yeshiva's and I'll show you hundreds who don't study"

Investment in recruiting Ultra-Orthodox will return itself in three years

11 February, 2013

Behind the call for recruiting yeshiva boys and their integration into the job market is not only the principle of values, but also an economic one. Samuel Neaman Institute at the Technion calculated for Calcalist how much the program will pay off for the country.

A well-oiled Energy

06 February, 2013

BDO Ziv - Haft believe that it is possible to reduce the excise tax on gasoline by 50% without harming state revenues, as well as reduce the cost of fuel. The way: oil production. The how: revenue received from taxes on production profits will replace the tax revenues from gasoline consumers. The means: a reservoir of oil shale, which according to the company will be able to generate 10 billion a year to the state.

The scientific community: disagreements over the oil shale project

05 February, 2013

An oil shale discussion, held at the Samuel Neaman at the Technion, has not ended with definitive conclusions on the necessity of the project

Israel Prize in architecture and design has been awarded to Prof. Adam Mazor.

04 February, 2013

The Minister of Education, Gideon Sa'ar announced the recipient of the Israel Prize in the field of architecture and design for 2012 - Prof. Adam Mazor, and congratulated him. The Minister of Education approved the recommendation of the award committee headed by Prof. Dan Rizinger.

Why there are almost no Ultra-Orthodox doctors and engineers, but there are plenty of lawyers?

31 January, 2013

One out of three Ultra-Orthodox students is studying law, and one in five - Business Administration ■ "It's more difficult to learn engineering than law," Dr. Reuven Gal, Senior Researcher in Samuel Neaman Institute at the Technion, explains the influx toward general professions. "They think they can make a good living, but then discover that the market is flooded and there are no internships"■ The severe shortage of Ultra-Orthodox doctors and psychologists is a subject they barely speak of

Is scientific research in Israel deteriorating?

20 January, 2013

Does higher education need more research and development budgets to be able to stop the "brain drain" and contribute to the Israeli economy and growth, or is it unfounded myths, that interest owners want to market to the public in order to win more money? Prof. Yakir Plessner examines the issue in depth, and comes to an unexpected conclusions

"Service innovations can become an exporting field - but Israel ignores"

18 January, 2013

According to research by Samuel Neaman Institute at the Technion, services account for about 75% - of the economic activity in developed countries ■ Innovation in services has been recognized as the engine of exporting and growth, but Israel is behind.

Before the elections | | the scientific questionnaire for political parties

17 January, 2013

What, in fact, are these elections about? The political and economic views have been covered everywhere, now it is time to ask the parties about what really matters: what do they think about evolution? What chance do we have against Iran in the space race? Who will take care of nuclear energy? Four days before the moment of choice, Haaretz magazine presents a scientific survey (Shas and Habayit Hayehudi refused to answer)

Within a decade we will return tens of millions of water cubic meters to nature

15 January, 2013

These things were said today by Minister Landau at the third water forum, on 'Water for Nature and Stream Restoration': "Within a decade we will return tens of millions of water cubic meters to nature". The forum reviewed the master plan for restoring the natural water sources and returning them to nature. Nowadays, about 330 million cubic meters of water are desalinated in Israel every year. In about two years, water desalination will reach approximately 600 million cubic meters per year.

Efraim Halevi: Acknowledge the reality, examine recognition of Hamas

07 January, 2013

A few weeks after the operation "Pillar of Defense" explained former Mossad chief that the statements on meeting the goals are not in line with preparations for further rounds of combat. "The prime minister complained about the cessation of 'Cast Lead' (in 2009), so why not go all the way now?"

The last minute of qualitative advantage

06 January, 2013

The multi-year program in higher education was designed to infuse new blood into the system routes that had suffered from an ongoing budgetary deterioration during the previous decade, but research universities are not showing any sign of recovery. Is Israel about to lose its status as a global leader in scientific research?

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