Press Release From 2008

A call to rescue higher education

31 December, 2008

From law tech to high end

31 December, 2008

The Challenge of Vision 2028

31 December, 2008

The road to a clean world

31 December, 2008

A policy of national infrastructure is needed

31 December, 2008

The order of the day energy saving

31 December, 2008

Globalization - looking east

31 December, 2008

World Earthquake

31 December, 2008

In the absence of vision, a people will be destroyed

31 December, 2008

This is bad publicity

29 December, 2008

Tartman retired - and the Dead Sea lost a friend

23 December, 2008

The black future of banks

21 December, 2008

produce electricity from garbage

17 December, 2008

On fundamentalism and warming

16 December, 2008

Cleantech technology exists in Israel, but government policy does not support and sometimes even interferes

14 December, 2008

A new forum for the integration of the Arab sector

12 December, 2008

Favorit: Israeli puzzle

07 December, 2008

Heaven of Drink

05 December, 2008

A new report states that the contamination from plastic bags is minimal

30 November, 2008

The green landscape in Israel is in danger of extinction

27 November, 2008

Looking east

27 November, 2008

Do not let the "acceleration" pass

27 November, 2008

A country without a vision

27 November, 2008

To revive the sea of ​​death

18 November, 2008

Save the sea

17 November, 2008

Technion: The Dead Sea Canal will damage the plants in the region

16 November, 2008

Research: The future damage from the decline of the Dead Sea level - $ 90 million a year

15 November, 2008

The path to "Israel 2028" passes through the higher education system

13 November, 2008

Damage to the Dead Sea - about $ 90 million a year

13 November, 2008

Expect an Israeli strike

13 November, 2008

Report: The growth in the number of vehicles exceeds the pace of road construction

09 November, 2008

Dangerous waste is a ticking time bomb

31 October, 2008

Shai Avivi did not notice

26 October, 2008

Study: Upgrade water treatment now to keep water affordable

24 October, 2008

Much of Israel's greenery might disappear as rising water prices will make many types of agriculture unprofitable.

Will the end come to date groves and orchards?

24 October, 2008

The cleaning fund raises dust

16 October, 2008

Give them strength

03 October, 2008

Because of tax considerations, the business sector is wasting energy

30 September, 2008

Electricity generation from renewable sources should be increased

30 September, 2008

The Ministry of Environmental Protection will act to remove plastic shopping bags

30 September, 2008

Dangerous neighbors

25 September, 2008

Here the garbage is buried

25 September, 2008

A Palestinian Altalena is in front of us

21 September, 2008

The treasury remembered a little late

11 September, 2008

Report: There is no exact data on the amount of hazardous waste in Israel

03 September, 2008

"The Dangerous Waste - A Ticking Bomb"

03 September, 2008

New report: "Dangerous waste is ticking time bomb"

02 September, 2008

Report: Dangerous Waste - "ticking bomb"

02 September, 2008

The Ministry of Environmental Protection will take out plastic shopping bags

31 August, 2008

do not know arithmetic

28 August, 2008

Farmers will have to wait: It is still not profitable to produce bioethanol in Israel

24 August, 2008

Tel Aviv improved by 20%

17 August, 2008

Tear the myth of the disposable plastic bag

14 August, 2008

Out of many, one

13 August, 2008

Readers of Hebrew can now browse a new Web site on Israel's social groups. 'People don't know a thing, not a thing, about Israeli society', says one of the site's founders.

People- Israel: Guide to israeli society 

Israel from the perspective of the sociologist

12 August, 2008

Black forecast

06 August, 2008

2020 In Israel: hot, dry and the Sea of ​​Galilee will become salty

04 August, 2008

Who does not want us to produce electricity ourselves?

01 August, 2008

Green building - talk a lot and do little

31 July, 2008

chase nylon nylon

31 July, 2008

The first law approved the reduction of the use of plastic bags

30 July, 2008

The law banning plastic bags passed on first vote

30 July, 2008

Approved on first reading: plastic bags will not be distributed free of charge in stores

30 July, 2008

Do not force

29 July, 2008

The red line of power supply

25 July, 2008

Research: 10% of Israel's fuel consumption - in waste

21 July, 2008

What is the point of saving electricity and paying for health?

21 July, 2008

Basic Law: The Bag

21 July, 2008

Waste Management Dr. Ofira Ayalon - Channel 10

15 July, 2008

Plastic bags are not so bad

13 July, 2008

Research: Collection of 'tax bags' will not reduce the use of bags

08 July, 2008

The end of the distribution of free plastic bags

08 July, 2008

Protecting the environment: The bill of plastic bags passed on first reading

07 July, 2008

The Interior Committee approved for the first reading: it would be forbidden to distribute plastic bags for free

07 July, 2008

Study: A levy on plastic bags will not help the environment

04 July, 2008

Levy on plastic bags won't help environment study finds

03 July, 2008

A comprehensive policy on waste is required.

Only 6% of plastic bags cause an environmental hazard

03 July, 2008

A projection on plastic bags in Israel will not help the environment - only 6% of them become garbage

03 July, 2008

Pretend? In Israel there are no building standards that determine what is "green" and sometimes it is a marketing gimmick only

03 July, 2008

Bulldozers will make you war

02 July, 2008

Research: Plastic bags do not constitute such serious environmental damage

02 July, 2008

The plastic bags - the end

27 June, 2008

Gideon the road warrior

20 June, 2008

Who added engineered genes to my Cornflakes?

17 June, 2008

Initiative: Completely remove plastic bags from use

17 June, 2008

Comeback: Is the coral reef in Eilat recovering?

16 June, 2008

Death is known in advance

13 June, 2008

Who needs environmental scientists in Israel?

10 June, 2008

Research: The shekel-to-bag method will not fight dirt

04 June, 2008

Interview: Energy saving device in buildings - requires change and updating

01 June, 2008

In order to ensure our future, we must advance Israel's excellence and readiness

31 May, 2008

Report: The Sea Canal - profitable

18 May, 2008

Approaching the red line

15 May, 2008

Tel Aviv University head: Government sinned against higher education

15 May, 2008

'Twenty-five percent of the higher education's budget has been cut when the system itself continued to grow,' Prof. Zvi Galil says, ' we have reached the point where it is hard to fix the damage that has already been done'

Preserving innovation in periods of economic stagnation

15 May, 2008

High Tech Puts Israel in the Black

13 May, 2008

Changing direction

07 May, 2008

We will dress you in concrete and cement

06 May, 2008

The change in the air

29 April, 2008

Hamas does not change its ways

23 April, 2008

Winds of change

15 April, 2008

Growth and prosperity in Israel are based on the start-up industry - and therefore may evaporate at any moment

04 April, 2008

A new program to encourage green energy production

25 March, 2008

How can the State of Israel save $ 1 billion?

21 March, 2008

Technion survey: Within a decade, there will be about 12,000 engineers missing

09 March, 2008

It's not just sand

07 March, 2008

Seaweed: The world's engine?

05 March, 2008

Just making a breeze

05 March, 2008

The hot sun also knows how to cool

04 March, 2008

Fuel from corn-out. Fuel from fruit-in

04 March, 2008

Security and Diplomacy

28 February, 2008

Study: More than half of Israel's land is used by or for IDF

The green collar

27 February, 2008

Survey: The country is emptying of engineers

24 February, 2008

Whatever it was

22 February, 2008

The illusion of Palestinian independence

21 February, 2008

The Land Army of Israel

21 February, 2008

Research: Reduce waste by taxes

18 February, 2008

Marginal income

08 February, 2008

Red China turns green

31 January, 2008

Social entrepreneurs

31 January, 2008

And in Israel they do -not- grind wind

23 January, 2008

The Chinese know

18 January, 2008

Saving millions

11 January, 2008

Hazardous waste "disappears" on the way to Ramat Hovav

07 January, 2008

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