Tamar Almog

Tamar Almog
עמיתת מחקר בכירה, ראשת פרויקט אנשים ישראל
The People Israel Project

The People Israel Project -The Guide to The Israeli Society www.peopleil.org

"People Israel" is an online publishing house, which is a comprehensive textual and visual guide to Israeli society. The project was launched based on the belief that by providing current, rich, varied, and reliable information, along with a comprehensive analysis and interpretation of different phenomena, the publishing house would contribute to an in-depth knowledge about the various sectors in Israel, formulating effective public policy and a reduction in prejudices and stereotypes among the Israeli public, to encourage tolerance for others and give legitimacy to the wealth of diversity.
פרויקט דור ה-Y הישראלי

The Israeli Generation Y Project

Generation Y is a stratum of secular young people born in the 80s and 90s of the 20th century. They grew up and were shaped in an era of commercial channels, the PC revolution, the Internet and the mobile phone, the development of the culture of feminism, civil rights and individualism, the economy of abundance and entrepreneurship, suicide attacks and the war on Muslim terror, leadership crisis, leisure and entertainment revolution, the normalization of travelling abroad, and the development of the broad Ashkenazi-Mizrahi middle class (reducing ethnic disparities). The impact of this generation on the Israeli society is enormous and its cultural profile raises many questions.
On graduates and lies

On graduates and lies

01 February, 2013
Who is the common graduate of our school and higher education systems? He/She belongs to a generation who cannot deepen in reading, desire for knowledge and seek truth. If we do not recognize this reality and find an adequate educational response, the higher education will collapse. It already is
Opening of photo exhibition -synagogues and Israeli prayer-

Opening of photo exhibition -synagogues and Israeli prayer-

Documentation of the synagogues and worshipers is an initiative of -people Israel- and is done through interviews and photographs .
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