Press Release From 2024

A Study Revealing the Depth of Harm to Evacuees from the North

10 May, 2024

A Samuel Neaman Institute survey of 340 residents from the northern border paints a grim picture of the employment, education, mental, and family situation of those who were dispersed to hundreds of points across the country.

"The reality that has been created for them signals to them - the government does not recognize your story, it is possible without you," says Prof. Meirav Aharon-Gutman.

Link to the full article on Globes

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From Sugar Slavery to Automobiles: Israelis' Economic Addictions

22 April, 2024

Even in 2024, one of our most serious addictions is "'waste". Israel is suffering from a severe waste crisis that is causing air pollution, intensive land use and greenhouse gas emissions.
The article calls for attention to the findings of a report by the Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research, which states that the waste problem is one of the most urgent in Israel but is being neglected by the government.

Link to the full article on Mako

Working, shopping, and sleeping – all underground

22 April, 2024

The realities of scace space that Israel faces should lead to a conceptual change.
In the report "Dense Future - Israel 2050," Prof. Rachelle Alterman, a senior research fellow at the Samuel Neaman Institute, wrote: "Israel is significantly behind in preparing for the use of underground space, in its overall infrastructure planning as well as in building specific facilicies infrastructure underground. Due to the rapid population growth, many types of public urban activities will have to moved underground at a scale that will change cities beyond recognition. Part of this process is not at all negative, since it will enable to preserve more overground openspace. This transformation in conceptuion should have been carried out long ago."

Link to the full Article on 'The Marker'

Like in the army, also in the Ministry of Education, emergency plans remained in the drawer in real time

10 April, 2024

The article addresses the disturbing findings that emerged during the preparation of a report on emergency education.

The report, written by Professor Orit Hazzan, found that despite the existence of emergency plans in the Ministry of Education, they were not implemented at all in real time during emergency events.

The article calls for the implementation of the recommendations of Professor Hazzan's report, arguing that this is a crucial step in ensuring the readiness of the education system to cope with future emergencies.

Link to the full article on 'DAVAR'

Hamas massacre victims were feudal vassals, not 'privileged Israelis'

23 March, 2024

A fact largely unknown by the public, even in Israel, is that both the land and the housing are owned by the state, with property rights often worse than under feudal landlords.

Link to the full article on JP

Prof. Ofira Ayalon discusses a temporary peak of electricity production from renewable energy sources

17 March, 2024

Prof. Ofira Ayalon on ‘Three Who Knows’: New Israeli record for electricity production from renewable energy 

Link to the full interview on 'KAN'/ Minute 3:50

The Gray Area Between Green and Red: Cost-Benefit Considerations of a Polluting Company's Contribution to Environmental Research or Academic Projects

12 February, 2024

Prof. Ofira Ayalon and Prof. Adi Wolfson address the benefits and drawbacks as well as possible greenwashing of polluting industries donating money to the academia

Link to the full Article

The Ministry of Agriculture is one of the few ministries preparing for climate change

08 February, 2024

Prof. Eyal Shimoni, Head of Food&Water Security research group, welcomes the Ministry of Agriculture's plan to address climate change, but believes it is not enough

He emphasizes that food security entails protracted processes, necessitating a comprehensive analysis of trends extending to 2050, and urges the government to allocate considerably more resources to the sector and implement further measures to combat this existential threat.

Link to the full article

Prof. Ofira Ayalon in an interview on hydroponic agriculture

07 January, 2024

Prof. Ofira Ayalon talks about hydroponic agriculture and the benefits of eSoil in the ‘Three Who Know’ program – KAN Tarbut 

Link to the full interview (starting at minute 19)

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