Traditional industries' innovation survey in Israel

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Peled Dan, Laufer Geri. Traditional industries' innovation survey in Israel Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2008.
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A first of its kind R&D and Innovation survey was conducted in Israel in 2007 among low- and medium-low technology companies in manufacturing and services. The survey focused on impact of various innovation activities, distinguishing between technological and organizational innovations, on business performance measures.

1800 companies were sent a written questionnaire by mail. Responses were received from 115, mostly large (over $10M sales), mature, growing and exporting companies. Response rates were higher among metal, rubber and plastic manufacturers. The survey was based with modifications on the European Community Innovation Survey, and was the first adaptation of this survey in Israel. Companies that elected to respond to the survey invest in innovations, and displayed positive and statistically significant impact of these expenditures on various performance measures. However, the anlysis of the responses also suggests that innovations efforts are not oriented enough towards clients' needs and market demand, and consequently may fail to achieve their full potential.

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