Evaluation of Israel R&D Plan

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Getz Daphne, Gilad Vered, Leck Eran. Evaluation of Israel R&D Plan Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2009. https://neaman.org.il/EN/Evaluation-of-the-MAGNETON-Summary-report
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The evaluation of the Magneton Program is a study initiated and funded by the S. Neaman Institute and the MAGNET management, and is based on a preliminary study conducted by the S. Neaman Institute.


The purpose of the evaluation is to analyze the program effectiveness as a tool for encouraging technology transfer from academia to industry by dual cooperation between a single academic research team and an industrial company.


The research methodology included 12 preliminary interviews with academy researchers and industrial project managers who have participated in the Magneton program during 2004-2007. Following an initial interview stage, research questionnaires were revised and distributed to the projects participants. The return rate was 70% (95 questionnaires were returned out of 136).


A variety of inferential statistical tests were used to analyze the research data. The research findings included the participants' characteristics, project characteristics, participants' modes of operation and program success indicators. The revaluation conclusions provided the Magneton program management with comprehensive picture about the program efficiency and included suggestions of ways to increase the program's potential.

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