The Electronics Industry in the World and in Israel - Economic Directions and Future Trends

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Shimoni Uri. The Electronics Industry in the World and in Israel - Economic Directions and Future Trends Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 1991.
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The present report was prepared as a first step of the S. Neaman Institute's preparations for the "Electronics 2000" program. The report presents a timetable for those preparations as well as a review of facts about the situation and the development of the electronic industries in the world and Israel. A review of subjects dealing with technology and future products is also presented, with the aim of examining those technologies which justify a national effort for strengthening their infrastructure.

The world electronic industry survey presents development trends of electronic manufacturing and marketing of the large world blocks – Europe, U.S.A., Japan and "the rest of the world", in recent years. Contrary to the small increase in the world's GNP the electronic industry has developed at a very fast pace. The development of production and marketing in the main world blocks during recent years is described in detail as well as the development of the various sectors of the electronic industry. The report also presents data about the trade balance of the different world blocks among themselves and the division of control over the electronic industries in each block.

The survey of Israel's electronic industry includes development trends of Israel's electronic production and exports in comparison to the whole industry of Israel. Also included is a summation of the number of employees in Israel's electronic industry during recent years and rate of production per worker. There are indications of significant growth in electronic exports relative to general exports. There are also indications of a considerable increase in the rate of production per worker as compared to averages in the electronic industry of the U.S. Information on the relative part invested in R&D of the electronic industry in Israel and in American industry, is also included in the survey.

On the technology subject a review is presented dealing with possible and expected development directions of future electronic products according to the different areas which are served by electronics. The connection between different products and the technologies that support them is shown by cross-reference tables in which technologies are presented horizontally while different products are presented vertically. As already mentioned, the aim is to reveal key technologies that deserve future support through national effort in order to create a basis for new products that will enable Israel's electronic industry to expand its export markets. In conclusion the technology review presents a forecast of the expected growth rate of the demand for electronic components in Europe, by areas in which a considerable growth in production is expected.

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