Attitudes of Israeli Public during Corona Period: Report no. 2

Dr. Carmit Rapoport, Dr. Carmit Padan, Dr. Reuven Gal, Prof. Ron Kenett, Prof. Isaac Ashkenazi
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Rapoport Carmit, Padan Carmit, Gal Reuven, Kenett Ron, Ashkenazi Isaac. Attitudes of Israeli Public during Corona Period: Report no. 2 Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2020.

The report includes findings from a second on-line survey conducted on the broad Israeli public.

Findings show a concern from the economic situation, a significant decrease along the time axis regarding respondent's estimation of the rights and assistance they deserve because of the situation. Moreover, findings show respondents express low expectation that the situation will end in the next close months.

There is a tendency of decrease regarding the concern from the Corona virus (comparing to previous questionnaire) but an increase in respondent's capability to cope with the virus indicating of an adaptation to the situation. In general, a continuation of the situation effects for the worse on respondent's perceptions and attitudes towards the situation though they express positive estimations of their personal capability for coping with it.      

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