Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Smart Robotics Companies-Survey

Dr. Daphne Getz, Oshrat Katz Shacham, Rinat Klein, Dr. Roey Tzezana, Shlomo Rosenberg, Avida Shoham, Sima Tziperfal, Ella Barzani, Dr. Eran Leck
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Getz Daphne, Katz Shacham Oshrat, Klein Rinat, Tzezana Roey, Rosenberg Shlomo, Shoham Avida, Tziperfal Sima, Barzani Ella, Leck Eran. Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Smart Robotics Companies-Survey Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2019.

The aim of the project is to present an up-to-date and complete picture of the current activities in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Smart Robotics in Israel, and to examine the possibilities of promoting these fields.

This survey answers a number of research questions. Some of the questions deal with issues of demand and supply of personnel, education and training. Other questions deal with various issues, such as the technologies in which the State of Israel has the ability to lead in the areas of artificial intelligence, data science and smart robotics, the means required to promote these areas in Israel, and the policy required to adopt international standards.

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