A change in higher education: International comparisons and perspectives

December 5th, 2004

Opening Session




Chair: Zehev Tadmor

Greetings: Yitzhak Apeloig, Dan Vilenski, David Menashri, and representatives of the British Council Israel, the Embassy of the Netherlands and the Italian Cultural center.

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Second Session


The expanding Higher Education System in Israel: Challenges and Problems

Chair: Menahem Yaari, Rapporteur: Hanoch Gutfreund

Shlomo Grossman: The Israeli System, Plans & Perspectives
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Nava Ben-Zvi: The Evolution and Status of the Israeli College Sector
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Zehev Tadmor: The Moment of Truth
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Joshua Jortner: The Higher Education System and Research Universities of Israel: Policy Guidelines and Warning Signals
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Third Session


Expanding Access to Tertiary Education as a Modern Imperative: Comparative National Experiences

Chair: Neal Sherman, Rapporteur: Thorsten Nybom

Sheldon Rothblatt: The Dilemmas of Supply and Demand in America
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Leslie Wagner: Expanding Higher Education: The British Experience
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Pier Paolo Giglioli: On (Not) Coping with Mass Higher Education: The Italian Experience.
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Grant Harman: The Australian Experience of Transition to Mass Higher Education.
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Fourth Session


Round Table Discussion I: A look Into the Future – What Can We Expect?
Moderator: Mordechai Shechter
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Henry Rosovsky & David BloomLive Video Lecture– Beyond Private Gain.
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December 6th, 2004

Fifth Session


Government-Academia-Society Relations in an Expanding System

Chair: Alex Keynan, Rapporteur: Grant Harman

David P. GardnerLive Video Lecture – The California System: Governing and Management Principles.
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Martin Trow: Diversity, Autonomy, and the Role of Government in Higher Education.
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Thorsten Nybom: “Creative Intellectual Destruction” or “Destructive Political Creativity?” Epistemic, Cultural, and Institutional Changes in Present Day European “Knowledge Production”
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Haim Harari: The Ivory Lighthouse.
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Sixth Session


Patterns of Diversification of Higher Education Systems

Chair: Nadav Liron, Rapporteur: Sarah Guri-Rosenblit

Guy Neave: Mass Higher Education System and the Research University.
A Post-modern Revival of William of Ockham’s Razor.
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Ulrich Teichler Recorded Video Lecture – Changing Views in Europe about Diversification in Higher Education.
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Seventh and Eighth Sessions


Report of the Rapporteurs

Moderator: Martin Trow

Round Table Discussion II: "Can or Should a New Master Plan be Negotiated for Israeli Higher Education?"
Moderator: Zehev Tadmor
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