Water uses in chosen industries – challenges for the water industry

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Fortuna Gilead, Freund-Koren Shiri. Water uses in chosen industries – challenges for the water industry Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2013. https://neaman.org.il/EN/Water-uses-chosen-industries-challenges-water-industry
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This document is the final report for the project "Global Challenges for the Israeli's water industry".
The report describes the methodology of the project, summarizes the findings of work in the various sectors and presents the main challenges in sectors surveyed.
The report also presents the list of companies that have been mapped so far and their classification according to their focus areas, present a list of academic researchers, engaged in various researches in water and wastewater treatment and related disciplines and also present a review of the main target markets for the various industrial sectors.
This is the seventh report in the project , following the first report to review the oil and gas production industry, the second report reviewing the mining industry , the third report reviewing the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, the fourth report reviewing the food and beverage industry, the fifth reviewing the microelectronics industry and the sixth report surveys the metal industry .
The work was done in order to deepen the readers understanding of the role of water in the selected global industries, and to identify long-term business challenges, in order to promote business opportunities for Israeli water companies.
This work is an important basis for the work plans of Israel NewTech , Israel Export Institute and an array of commercial attaches in the coming years .

In chapter 1 we present a brief introduction on the subject of global water shortage, Chapter 2 describes the framework and methodology and chapter 3 presents the summary of the study on the various sectors . Chapter 4 focused list of the general challenges we have identified the various industrial sectors. In chapter 5 a list of companies that have been mapped in the project to date are presented and categorized by areas of expertise , in Chapter 6 details of the target markets is described. Chapter 7 has table of contacts in academia and in Chapter 8 Summary and recommendations for future work is discussed. .

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