Studies: Water, Rivers and Sea

The water resource is of great environmental and public importance, which lies, among other things, in the conservation and development of landscape values, in the conservation of ecosystems, as open spaces used for recreational and leisure activities, as water sources and drainage arteries. However, these sources are under constant threat as a result of development and construction activities, both in land and sea space, turning them into domestic, industrial and agricultural sewer arteries, as well as climate change and the gradual decline in precipitation.

Samuel Neaman Institute's studies examine various aspects of the field of water in Israel, including the implications of the transition of the Israeli water sector from natural sources to reclaimed and desalinated water, water and agriculture, river restoration and the relationship between water, the public and the nature

See also the publications of the Water Forum established at Samuel Neaman Institute in 2009 in collaboration with the Water Authority and the Grand Institute for Water Research at the Technion, a national priority document on the Water issues in Israel, and research on Challenges for water usage in global industry.

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