Research and Formative Evaluation for a Health Program in Arab Society

The Ministry of Health, in partnership with the Authority for the Economic Development of the Minority Sectors seeks to promote a focused government program for the health of the Arab population in Israel. The program aims to provide "root treatment" for health conditions and disparities in healthcare services.
The goal of the program is to propose strategic changes through a dedicated government decision-making process that is multi-year and well-planned.

The program is currently being implemented through four different government decisions and is led by the Ministry of Health. As part of the program, a partnership was established between the Ministry of Health and Joint Elka, which focuses on planning the implementation, fieldwork modeling, and actual promotion of the program.

The research focuses on the three stages of the program along the timeline and mathematical axes, from the beginning of government decision planning to the completion of 2023:

1. Planning stage
2. Establishment of implementation mechanisms and their formation stage
3. Implementation stage (formative evaluation)

The research also involves comparing the operational model of the program to similar government initiatives and operational models, to extract insights that will enable future high-quality planning.


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