Public Funding of R&D: PREF

SNI is a partner of the PREF project, sponsored by the European Union (FP7). 

The aim of the study on national public research funding (PREF) is to collect information and provide an analysis of national public research funding, by theme and by allocation mode (project based funding versus institutional funding) including an overview of the evolution and current state of public research funding in European and selected non-European Countries, including Israel.


The final report will provide an outline of the current state and an analysis of trends over the years 2000-2014 of public research funding in these countries.

SNI's role was to provide data on Israel and Turkey. The project had two phases:

In the first stage, the agencies responsible for public funding of research in Israel and Turkey were classified according to the categories of the research, for example:

  • The public allocation to higher education institutions for research and development (in Israel - PBC).
  • Public funding of government offices for R&D.
  • Public financing of international programs such as CERN and ESO.
  • Public funding of international organizations, the financing of which is then transferred to operations in the various countries (such as the R&D programs of the EU, FP-EU).

In the second phase, ways to transfer public funding for operations were presented.  For example, the PBC disburses the budget to the universities, the Ministry of Economy disburses the Budget to the Chief Scientist, the Ministry of Agriculture disburses the budget to Volcani Institute, and so on. The second phase also included quantitative data about Israeli public funding for each track during 2005-2014.


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