Promoting Excellence in Science Education

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Berman Abraham. Promoting Excellence in Science Education Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 1990.
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Discussion on cultivating excellence of science education conducted in the framework of the S. Neaman Institute. The aims of the discussion is to evaluate what is being done in Israel in cultivating excellence and the role, in this area, of the education system, the universities, the army and industry.

We will deal with the following questions:

Why? Is there a need for excellence cultivation or "those who are talented will excel anyway"? Is national investment in cultivating excellence in education justified? Is it worthwhile/important/allowed to emphasize science education?

Do the universities/advanced industries/defense establishment have to invest in excellence cultivation?

Who and how are the gifted found? At what age/ Grades/creativity? By what criteria are those worth cultivating chosen?

How many? What percentage of the youth should be cultivated? What part of the education budget should be earmarked for excellence cultivation?

How? Expansion and deepening versus acceleration, special classes. special schools, schools abroad, university courses, regular lectures at universities, lectures in special classes at universities, science museum, summer camps in Israel and abroad, science and mathematics periodicals for youth, competitions, personal cultivation.

Zionism and excellence – educating the gifted to be socially involved and contribute to the country.

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