Preparations by the Energy Sector for Improving Environmental Quality

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Preparations by the Energy Sector for Improving Environmental Quality Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 1993.
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The seminar on The Deployment of Israel's Energy Economy for Improving the Quality of the Environment is, to a certain extent, a continuation of a previous seminar two years ago on Alternative Energies in View of the Persian Gulf Crisis. The emphasis then was on utilizing alternative energies in case of a shortage in fossil fuel. The present seminar, on the other hand, deals with one of the central subject on the international agenda – the need to improve the quality of the environment on the local and global level.

The Neaman Institute, the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, the Ministry of the Environment and the Oil Refineries Ltd. have granted their patronage to the seminar. This patronage emphasizes the consensus on the need to reduce environmental influences caused by the energy economy. The organizing committee of the seminar comprised Professor Daniel Weihs, Director of the Neaman Institute, Mr. David Cohen, Dr. Avraham Arbiv, representing the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, Dr. Michael Gerber, representing the Ministry of the Environment, and Mr. Itzhak Lederfeind, representating the Oil Refineries.

The seminar included two lecture sessions and a general discussion. The morning session was devoted to background lectures: Professor Mordechai Schechter presented the economic aspects of pollution prevention, Dr. Michael Gerber reviewed international conventions in the area of air quality, and Dr. Yuval Cohen reviewed similar conventions on prevention of sea pollution. Dr. Ila Tamari presented the deployment of the Ministry of Energy to implement maritime conventions in the area of environmental quality.

The afternoon session was devoted to the following reviews: Mr. Yehuda Gat presented the plans of the Israel Electric Corporation for safeguarding the quality of the environment during the years 2000, Mr. Michael Gil referred to the environmental aspects of modular power stations, Mr. Itzhak Lederfeind reviewed the influence of the new fuel products regulations, Professor Yoram Zvirin and Dr. Marcel Gutman presented together a method for improving the performance of engines, saving fuel and reduce pollution, and Mr. Moshe Tzimhoni reviewed methods for preventing leakage and pollution from power stations.

The seminar ended with a lively discussion which reflected the interest in the presented subjects and the firm opinions of some of the participants.

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