National Environmental Priorities of Israel, Position Paper IV - English abstract

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Avnimelech Yoram, Ayalon Ofira. National Environmental Priorities of Israel, Position Paper IV - English abstract Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2004.
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This year the position paper consists three separate books, each dealing with a different environmental topic.

Part I: Environmental Education in Israel- edited by Dr. Tali Tal.
The purpose of this document is to place the centrality of environmental education on the public agenda, address the anomaly that characterizes environmental education in Israel, and promote discussion and actions on this subject in the system.

Part II: The Energy and Transportation Sectors in Israel.
This document is entirely dedicated to the problems associated with the energy and transportation sectors in Israel, an area of prime importance to the environment, quality of life and economy of Israel. In this document there are three parts:
1. The Energy Sector in Israel, with an emphasis on development of a sustainable energy
2. Transportation and the environment
3. Problems of land and water pollution from fuels and organic pollutants.
Each of these parts includes a survey of the current situation and recommendations for
appropriate environmental policy.

Part III: Characteristics of Environmental Administration and Management in Israel
This document incorporates three projects in the area of environmental administration.
Part 1: Applying alternative approaches to conflict management over environmental
issues in Israel - conflict mediation.
Part 2: The Environmental Responsibility of the Regional Councils.
Part 3: How to preserve Israeli agriculture as a critical environmental factor.

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