Policy on Levering Stem Cell Research through Intellectual Property

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Getz Daphne, Elkin-Koren Niva, Eidelman Bahina, Asotsky Miriam, Zalmanovich Bella, Even-Zohar Yair, Bergman-Eshet Yael, Bar-Ziv Sharon, Ponchek Talya, Sagiv Dalit. Policy on Levering Stem Cell Research through Intellectual Property Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2013. https://neaman.org.il/EN/Policy-Levering-Stem-Cell-Research-through-Intellectual-Property-pub
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The goal of the research is to create an infrastructure for designing a policy concerning research, development, and knowledge transfer in the field of stem cells. This policy was intended to encourage scientific innovativeness as well as help lever Israel's position as a leader in this field in the global arena.

The research focused on mapping the existing situation in stem cell research in Israel, examining alternative models for levering stem cell research and cooperation between various research sectors, and developing a legal framework that will assist cooperation between the actors in this field in the various sectors and the leveraging of stem cell research.

This innovative study provides policy makers with a broad picture regarding the stem cell research situation in Israel and the legal aspects involved in managing stem cell research. This study combines the expertise areas of two leading research institutions: the Samuel Neaman Institute and the Law and Technology Center at Haifa University.

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