Studies: Natural Gas and Oil

Fossil fuels - natural gas, oil, and coal - are a major source of energy in the electricity sector, industry, and transportation sector in the world and in Israel. The use of these fuels combines economic, social, security, and geopolitical benefits alongside widespread environmental impacts - air, water, and soil pollution that can cause significant harm to humans and the environment, greenhouse gas emissions, mainly carbon dioxide and methane, which contribute to climate change.

Samuel Neaman Institute's studies in this field address all aspects of the use of fossil fuels and also include a number of studies carried out for the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Energy to examine the environmental impacts of natural gas as a source of fuels for transportation.

See also Energy Forum meetings held in this area, which include, among others, the topics: Environmental, economic, and security considerations concerning the location of the gas treatment platform for the Leviathan reservoirNatural gas for transportation, and Steps for implementation following the approval of the Gas Outline.


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