National Priorities for the Environment in Israel - Position Paper III

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Avnimelech Yoram, Ayalon Ofira. National Priorities for the Environment in Israel - Position Paper III Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2003.
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The third National Environmental Priorities reflects the input of many professionals.

In the previous Position Papers, an overview was presented covering the main areas of environmental concern, followed by professional recommendations regarding appropriate priorities. Both documents were widely distributed and attracted a large number of participants at professional conferences that coincided with their release.

This third National Environmental Priorities report includes recommendations and creative directions for thought that heretofore have not received sufficient attention, and is intended to be a tool for promoting action in these directions.

This document is divided into three sections:

Section A. On the interrelationships between demograph, agriculture, water policy and the environment.

Section B. The environmental responsibility of public transportation companies in Israel.

Section C. Reviews of central environmental subjects: 

  • Environmental Taxation in Environmental Management  
  • Social-Environmental Justice
  • A survey of the Knesset Commissioner of Future Generations







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