National Environmental Priorities of Israel, Position Paper V

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Avnimelech Yoram, Ayalon Ofira. National Environmental Priorities of Israel, Position Paper V Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2006.
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This issue of "National Environmental Priorities of Israel" presents three main topics.

The Environmental Community Advising Panels (CAPs) active in the Negev (southern Israel) demonstrate a new attitude towards industrial responsibility for environmental and social impacts. But can cooperation between representatives of the public and industry change processes and impacts without representatives from the legal and governmental authorities? This process is a starting point, but it needs further development and maturity.

Establishment of an Environmental committee in local municipalities are a step aimed at connecting civilians with local authorities. Legal actions have been the base for the appointment of these committees, but are they successful in bringing environmental subjects to the foreground?

Transportation and transport infrastructure are known to have a clear impact on the environment. A few issues, concerning transportation in Israel, have brought the subject to the awareness of the public and are covered in this report.

In addition, the activity of various working teams is brought here in short, concerning the subjects of air pollution and energy issues.

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