Mapping National Research Infrastructures in Israel

The Samuel Neaman Institute is conducting in 2012-2014 a further study on the subject of ‘Mapping National Research Infrastructures in Israel’. The goal of the study is to build the knowledge database that would allow the creation of a road map for planning national research infrastructures in Israel and to formulate a policy that will define budgets and priorities within a national policy on large research infrastructures in Israel.

The study findings were summarized in a report that includes 88 existing research infrastructures in Israel as well as international research infrastructures that are open to researchers from Israel and includes three chapters: the first chapter deals with an update of the mapping of research infrastructures. The report includes 120 existing research infrastructures in Israel and 10 international research infrastructures, the use of which by researchers from Israel is funded by the state via state/public budgets.

The second chapter of the report examines three key topics of all existing research infrastructure at the national level: nanotechnology and nano-scientific infrastructures, brain research infrastructures, and genomics and proteomics infrastructures. This view allows an examination of the position of the State of Israel in  in terms of the research infrastructures available to researchers in these fields.

The third chapter of the report reviews the process undergone by selected countries in building a roadmap of national research infrastructures. The countries surveyed are Finland, Australia, Netherlands and the European Forum for Research Infrastructures – ESFRI. This report can be useful in studying the process other states followed to build a roadmap, and allows the selection of an appropriate outline suitable for building a roadmap for research infrastructures in Israel.


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