Israel Adaptation to Climate Change Policy - ICCIC 1st Report - Executive Summary

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Shechter Mordechai, Sofer Arnon, Palatnik Ruslana, Kutiel Haim, Kliot Nurit, Green Manfred, Sterenberg Marcelo, Capeluto Isaac Guedi, Ayalon Ofira. Israel Adaptation to Climate Change Policy - ICCIC 1st Report - Executive Summary Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2012.

The Israeli Climate Change Information Center (ICCIC) was founded in March 2011, at the University of Haifa by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, as part of the national program for Israel’s adaptation to climate changes, set by the Government's Resolution 474 ( 2009). The main goal of the ICCIC is to develop a national scientific knowledge base that will support the evolvement of the national adaptation plan.

The purpose of ICCIC is to 1) gather and integrate available research and policy documents concerning adaptation to climate changes, in order to identify knowledge gaps in various relevant areas, to recognize the risks and implications of climate change and to propose a national policy of adaptation; and 2) collate Israeli scientific and technological knowledge that can be applied and marketed within Israel and other countries.

The first report reflects the existing knowledge regarding the implications of climate change on the State of Israel.

The report assesses and predicts the effects of climate change in Israel for the next 50 years and provides recommendations. In addition, specific policy recommendations are suggested for the issues of water resources, public health, bio-diversity and green building.

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