Israel 2028: Vision and Strategy for Israel

The project “Israel 2028 – Vision and Economic-Social Strategy in a Global World” is a national project led by the Samuel Neaman Institute since 2008. The project has progressed to its present stage, and is now focused on: 

  1. 1. Integrating the Ultra-Orthodox sector in the Israeli economy, led by Dr. Reuven Gal. In 2013, the team continued to focus on the process of integrating the Ultra-Orthodox sector in the Israeli labor market, publishing a series of success stories to demonstrate the progress that has been achieved.
  2. 2. The ecosystem of the Israeli hi-tech industry and attempting to maintain its innovativeness, led by Prof. Maital.
  3. 3. Promoting a national policy on a variety of industry-related subjects, within the framework of the Industrial Excellence Center, established in 2011 to promote recommendations in coordination with the various government agencies. Emphasis was placed on upgrading classical industries and promoting mature industries that are based on emerging technologies.
  4. 4. Vocational education and leveraging the capacity of start-up companies to build large Israeli companies.
  5. 5. Infrastructure and environment, with an emphasis on sustainability in industry and enhancing long-term transport services, led by Professors Yehuda Hayuth and Ofira Ayalon.

Toward the end of five years from the date of submitting the Israel 2028 Report to the Government, it was agreed with the U.S.-Israel Science & Technology Foundation (USISTF) that an updated review should be prepared in 2013, which would deal with the contribution of the activity in the past five years toward the realization of Vision 2028, identifying the achievements and gaps, and attempting to propose operation modes to continue the realization of the vision.


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