Insects in the Service of Man

Insects are of fundamental importance to the ecosystem, and their existence is critical for human survival. Insects play a variety of roles in the service of man, while the research of the full potential inherent in them is still in various stages. The market of insect applications in the service of humankind is an increasing trend worldwide and has the potential for significant growth in the coming years. As part of this study, the different aspects of insects in the service of humanity were classified into three main areas:

  • Insects in agriculture and for the health of the public.
  • Insects for food and feed.
  • Insect-based systems and materials.

It is apparent that areas of agriculture and food are of the greatest potential in the immediate to medium terms. As part of the construction of an action plan, a number of possible options for the establishment of a center to promote insect activity in the service of man were examined. Afula, as a municipal center surrounded by agriculture, is suited to be a center of activity on the subject of insects in the service of man and even expressed willingness and desire to promote this issue as part of the continued development activity of the recently established Entrepreneurship Centre. The town of Afula has been developing rapidly in recent years and has a number of local and regional assets that the Center can leverage for the benefit of its activities. Our recommendations for a national policy for Israel:

  • To extend systemic weight and attention in Israel to promote activity on the subject of insects in the service of humanity.
  • To take action to establish a national-global center in Israel to promote research and entrepreneurship on the subject of insects in the service of humanity.

Further to the policy recommendations, the proposed action plan, and the willingness and interest of the town of Afula to promote the subject, the recommended strategy for Afula is to establish a knowledge center that could later develop into an entrepreneurship center, under the vision of an entrepreneurship and industrial center that combines the scientific and business knowledge in Israel in the field of insects in the service of humanity.

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