How to bring Haredim to science and technology?

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Gal Reuven. How to bring Haredim to science and technology? Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2015.
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This report delineates the factors which may reinforce the integration of Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) individuals in science and technology occupations in Israel.

In the background there is, first, a growing deficiency of scientific-technological manpower in Israel’s industry (especially high-tech industry), in R&D centers and in academic research institutes;  on the other hand, there is obviously a huge potential for such manpower within the Haredi community, and there are tremendous internal changes occurring presently within this community.

The first chapter provides background information, followed by three data-based chapters on the following areas: (a) the Haredi educational system (including the ‘core-curriculum’ [Libba] issue; (b) Haredim in academic institutions;  (c) Haredi employment in science and technology occupations.

The fifth chapter provides a ‘basket’ of possible solutions and operational recommendations.  The report was part of the Grand-Strategy Project conducted at Neaman Institute.

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