Higher Education Forum: Session No.26: Fundamental questions related to academic studies of the Haredi population

January 31, 2014

On the subject: "Fundamental questions related to academic studies of the Haredi population"
Moderator: Prof. Frances Raday - President, Concord Research Center for Integration of International Law in Israel The Haim Striks School of Law, COLMAN
Mandate Holder, UN Human Rights Council, Chair WG on Discrimination against Women
Speakers: Mr. Ilan Shahar- Vice president of research and advocacy, Amutat  Hiddush for religious freedom and information
Mrs. Adina Bar – Shalom - Chairman of the Haredi College of Jerusalem
Prof. Hanoch Gutfreund - Chairman of "Bashaar" and Chairman of the Magid Institute, The Hebrew University.
Dr. Reuven Gal - Head of project "Integrating Haredim" Samuel Neaman Institute, Technion
The meeting was held at the Tel Aviv University.

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