Haredi Recruitment in Israel – A Broad Perspective

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Gal Reuven. Haredi Recruitment in Israel – A Broad Perspective Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2024. https://neaman.org.il/EN/Haredi-Recruitment-in-Israel

The issue of Haredi conscription, including the recurring rounds of legislation, holds immense and intricate significance: it encompasses social, security, political, judicial, and ethical dimensions. Alongside political engagement within the government and Knesset, public discourse -- rages no less fervently the moral-ethical question of equality in the burden of service. Most of the discussion, on both channels, remains at the level of particulars, suggesting that we have lost sight of the big picture amidst the multitude of details.

To gain a comprehensive understanding, we require an up-to-date presentation of the data; a historical perspective, encompassing both the problem itself and the efforts to address it; a thorough examination of several fundamental assumptions; and ultimately, the derivation of conclusions and recommendations for action.

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