The Golden Age of Scientific Technological Research University

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Tadmor Zehev. The Golden Age of Scientific Technological Research University Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2003.
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The current crisis in the classical research university scene, the on-going fusion of science and technology which is driving a new scientific-technological revolution, the changing rationale of research funding, and the need of advanced nations to develop competitive, knowledge-based economies, have set the stage for a potential 'golden age' for Scientific Technological Research Universities (S&TRU). The historical roots of this university model go back to the medieval university on the one hand and the European technological institutes on the other. In order to meet and transcend the challenges facing it, the S&TRU must contend with a series of issues relating to the content, mission, structure and governance of this future institution. These issues are addressed and discussed in this paper.

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