Enlarging Water Supply in Israel Through Non Revenue Water (NRW) Reduction and Prevention of Sewage Leakage

The report requested by the National Inquiry Committee, aiming to investigate the water crisis in Israel.

The report indicates the loss of fresh water from water distribution and leakage in the order of 64 million cubic meters per year, and leakage of sewage water of estimated 100 million cubic meters per year. The study did not include water losses by the rural sector.

The document contains data regarding the municipal water consumption in Israel and the sewage generated by this water consumption. This study pointed and addressed potential water savings that require better management and investments in the water and sewage infrastructures.

The review in this work shows that using existing technological means can "save" up to 30 million cubic meters of water, and assuming water costs of 0.5$ per cubic meter, the benefit can be estimated at 15 million $ per year.

It is important to remark that implementing, even partly, the suggested solutions can be done in a short period of time.

The document received a lot of media attention, and a full session at the WATEC 2009 international symposium was dedicated to the issue of water losses reduction in local authorities throughout the world. See detail in "conferences" chapter.

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