Energy Forum 52: Nuclear power plant in Israel

Energy Forum Program

13:00    Opening – Prof. Gershon Grossman, Head of Samuel Neaman Institute Energy Forum

13:10    Prof. Erez Gilad, The Unit of Nuclear Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev: Nuclear power plants – challenges, opportunities, and advanced technologies

13:20    Dr. Shlomo Wald, former Chief Scientist, Ministry of Energy: Can SMR’s be considered a sustainable source in the future vision of the Israeli green energy mix?

13:30    Dr. Ilan Yaar, President of the Nuclear Associations in Israel: Nuclear energy in the future energy mix in Israel

14:00    Open discussion, focusing on:

  • What are the barriers to the establishment of a nuclear power plant in Israel?
  • How clear is the need to establish a nuclear power plant in Israel?
  • What risks – both general and special to Israel – are involved in a nuclear power plant?
  • Lesson learned from nuclear power plants in the world.
  • What type of power plan is appropriate for Israel?
  • How does the idea of nuclear integrate with other ideas for the diversification of energy sources in Israel (the Tunnel of the Seas, a sea connection to Europe)?


The 52 Energy Forum report summarizes the discussion. Below are the participants' presentations.

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