A Survey to Examine the Difficulties of Transmitting Nano Technologies from the Academe to the Industry

The TELEM Forum (National Infrastructure for Research and Development Forum), with the assistance of the National Committee for Nanotechnology (INNI(  has worked during the last eight years to establish six research centers in the field of nanotechnology funded according to the matching method.  The established research centers conducted thousands of studies based on nanotechnology, the effect of which has not yet realized its maximum potential.


SNI won the tender to conduct a study for the Chief Scientist and INNI designed to examine the difficulties involved in transferring Nano technologies from the academe to implementation in the Israeli industry and to propose possible ways to overcome them.


The research findings show that there is potential for commercialization and "success stories" of transfer of Nano technology originating in the academe to industrial application. At the same time, three main problems were identified.


The problems and the solutions to them are in a report that can be downloaded from the SNI website. The main conclusion of the report is that in order to increase the transferability of technology from the academe to industry in the field of nanoscience, the focus and aid of the state should be shifted to the transition phase of the technological concept created in the academe to the industry, on the one hand, and to assisting the development of an industry in Israel that can absorb the technology, on the other. In addition, the regulations adopted in the field of nanoscience should be suitable for Israel.

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