The Development of Research Universities in Israel

Research universities in Israel have developed following the developments in the world. Beyond that, they play a major role in Israel's economic, social, and cultural development. The work describes the major events and processes that took place over decades, during which several unique characteristics evolved, the distinguished academic status of the research universities was established, and the national significant contribution of the universities was formed. The work deals with the following topics:

  • Aspects relating to the development of universities in several countries, which influenced the development of universities in Israel.
  • A description of the universities' development up to the establishment of the state, from the development of the idea of ​​establishing a university in Israel in 1900-1925. Milestones are presented and the development of the first institutions before the State's establishment (1925-1950) are discussed: Technion, the Hebrew University, and the Weizmann Institute.
  • A general view on the development of the higher education system in Israel since the establishment of the state, data related to the increase in the number of institutions and number of students.
  • Landmarks and unique aspects in the development of each of the universities in recent decades.
  • The development of the entire higher education system during this period, including the unique role of research universities and academic colleges.
  • The contribution of universities to the research status of Israel in the world. General aspects related to the national contribution of the universities are discussed.


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