Characterizing the term ‘Benevolent community’

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Keisar-Shugerman Ayala, Ben-Yosef Shay, Kenett Ron, Raveh Ayelet, Gal Reuven. Characterizing the term ‘Benevolent community’ Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2022.

This report is the first part – and a central component – in the project “Benevolent Community – for Social Mobility, Community Resilience, and Quality of Life – in the 21st Century”.

The project is a joint venture of the (Israel) Joint-Ashalim, the Community Resources Division in the Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs, and the Rashi Foundation. The report focuses on identifying the primary components of a benevolent community, offers various definitions to its principal concepts, and provides the basis to the conceptualizations and principles underlying this important project.

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