Civilian Space Applications, Proceedings of the Workshop - Technion

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וייס דניאל, כהן דוד. Civilian Space Applications, Proceedings of the Workshop - Technion חיפה, ישראל, מוסד שמואל נאמן, 1988.
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One of the purposes of this meeting is to try and establish possible niches in which Israel entrepreneurs, technologists and researchers can successfully compete and contribute to the growing space oriented industry; for this we have invited today some very distinguished guest speakers to tell us today about national space efforts and pinpoint industrial and commercial fields that can be utilized in space. Tomorrow's sessions will be dedicated to discussions from the floor in four groupings - dealing with remote sensing, mechanics & energy, processing and materials, and communications & electronics, respectively. Later tomorrow these discussions will be summed up by the session's chairmen. This workshop is in a sense the third and final stage of a study performed under the auspices of the Samuel Neaman Institute for Advanced Study. The report summing up the first two stages of this research are in the conference materials. These include a review of various national space programs and their effects on the respective economics and the results of a survey questionnaire distributed among leading Israeli industrialists. The results of today's and tomorrow's discussions and talks will be written up and collected in a conference proceedings book.

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