Success Stories

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Gal Reuven, Farkash chezki, Papo Moshe, Almog-Sudai Dorin. Success Stories Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2013.
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This book features 78 success stories that depict Ultra-Orthodox individuals, men and women,  in Israel, who have successfully integrated into the world of academic education , employment and the military. The stories were compiled by researchers in the Ultra-Orthodox Integration Project at the Samuel Neaman Institute, using contacts and sources of information at their disposal . The book is intended for many different audiences: the wider secular public, who may be unaware of the revolution taking place in the Haredi sector; for prospective employers , employment and placement professionals , human resource managers and company managers as well as heads of academic institutions and also decision makers of various government bodies - all those who need to change and update their perceptions about the Haredi sector. But the book is also designed for readers from the Ultra-Orthodox community - those who are just starting out, working through their own 'success story', maybe in need of support and encouragement;  as well as for those who are threatened by the process of change occurring in their own community.

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