Social and Economic Implications of Employee Cutbacks

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Mannheim Bilha, Cohen David. Social and Economic Implications of Employee Cutbacks Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 1993.
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Introductory remarks

Prof. Bilha Mannheim

This seminar, held in the framework of the S. Neaman Institute for advanced studies in science and technology at the Technion and in cooperation with the Haifa district New Labor Organization, is the third in a series of seminars held in the last three years in this framework. It is the initiative of comrade Uri Agami, secretary of the Haifa district Labor Organization and Professor Daniel Weihs, Director of the Neaman Institute.

The first two seminars dealt with the problem of industries of the future and labor relations, and with the status of labor unions in those industries. In industries of the future grave problems arise in the area of the labor market, in the area of the single company and in the area of the individual's life in a system created by the economy of the future.

Our dear friend, the late professor Eliezer Rozenstien prepared the programs for the first two seminar. This year I undertook this task. By Uri Agami's request the emphasis today is on problems of manpower reduction and its consequences. As you know this subject is topical, painful, and what's more – it has a future. We were informed by the Histadrut Institute for Social Research that there is still no end to manpower reduction and unemployment, and that at least until 1996 we will have to confront these phenomena.

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