Periphery-Academy relations: past, present and future

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Padan Carmit. Periphery-Academy relations: past, present and future Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2021.

BASHAAR – Academic community for Israeli Society together with Edmond de Rothschild Foundation and Samuel Neaman Institute for national policy research held a conference entitled: "Periphery-Academy relations: past, present and future" on March 2021.

The conference included an opening plenum that delt with the relations between the Academy and the periphery, six parallel panels discussing various issues concerning these relations and a concluding plenum that summarized the conference and included a discussion on the need, the importance, and the most suitable practice and approach for establishing a new University in the geographic periphery of Israel.

Two of the policy recommendations deriving from the conference are:

1. The mission of the Academy can change relating to its cultural and geographical location
2. There is a need to improve the support given for Academy candidates from the periphery. Concerning the social ramifications of Academy-periphery relations, it is recommended for the Academy to act as a social-cultural agent whilst strengthening the social role of colleges located at the geographical periphery in Israel.

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