R&D Vision and Strategy- Leveraging R&D and Technology Adoption for Sustained and Balanced Economic Growth

This project is part of the Israel 2008-2028 Vision & Strategy Program of the US-Israel Science and Technology Commission, (USISTC). This effort is headed by Mr. Eli Hurvitz (chairman of Teva) and Mr. David Brodet, and aims to formulate a national strategy for placing Israel among the top 10 countries of the world in terms of economic achievements and social development. The R&D and Technology Adoption Team is one of six teams operating within the Vision & Strategy project. Its mission is to formulate a blueprint for a national Innovation and Technology Policy, (ITP), taking into account both the leading position of the Israeli high-tech industry and its scientific and technological research capabilities, as well as the more traditional industries.

In order to fully exploit the economic benefits from leading technologies and R&D activities, while trying to minimize the economic and social polarization in the Israeli society, the Team works on two themes in parallel: (1) formulating the principles for a Strategic Innovation and Technology Policy for Israel; (2) surveying both existing and potential industries for means to enhance adoption of modern technologies in order to increase productivities across all industrial sectors. The results of the team's work will be integrated into the Vision & Strategy recommendations, to be submitted to the Israeli government by mid 2007.


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