Eli Eisenberg

Eli Eisenberg
Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Eli Eisenberg is a world-renowned pedagogue, as well as an international innovator and expert in the field of TVET (Technological and Vocational Education and Training). Dr. Eisenberg is frequently requested to consult Governments and International Organizations in fields of his expertise. In addition, Dr. Eisenberg is a sought-after lecturer in distinguished TVET forums.  


Dr. Eli Eisenberg holds a Doctor of Science, M.Sc and B.Sc degrees of the Technion University, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa.

Professional Background

Among the functions held by Dr. Eisenberg:
Establishment of a Technology Center in England;
Membership in the Technion University research and teaching staff; 
Establishment of comprehensive National Technology Education network for Teachers Training in South-Africa.

Senior Deputy Director General of ORT Israel and Head of the Administration for R&D and Training.

In the above frameworks, Dr. Eisenberg developed and implemented research and evaluation of curricula; teacher training programs; development of teaching and learning materials and teaching aids; and support in the implementation of Technology Education at different school levels, colleges and industries.


Dr. Eisenberg published numerous critically acclaimed professional papers, research reports and books in the fields of Technology Education and Information and Communication Technology in education and training.

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