sustainable development

sustainable development
Industrial Symbiosis in the North of Israel

Industrial Symbiosis in the North of Israel

The term "Industrial Symbiosis" describes a situation in which an industry develops a symbiosis with another industry in a beneficial way for both parties, so that the waste of one organization can serve as raw materials for the other industry. As part of a pilot initiated by the Ministry of Economy, 4s LTD. promotes the project in the North of the country, with Dr. Fortuna and prof. Ayalon as consultants.
An Analysis of Israel

An Analysis of Israel's Renewable Energy IndustryAn Analysis of the Renewable Energy Industry of Israel

This project began as part of a joint venture with the Newtech unit at the Ministry of Economics, and since 2015 it has continued with the funding of the Samuel Neaman Institute, as part of the Industrial Excellence Center. The goal of the project is to leverage Israel's position as a leader in the field of renewable energy, including energy production and its integration into the energy system, efficiency improvements, and the development of fuel substitutes.
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