Israel's Land Policy and Housing Prices Abstract – Summary of Pilot Study

SNI has taken on the challenge to examine the reasons for the increase in housing prices in Israel. Among other things, it was found that investing efforts to curb the high housing prices ignores the implications of the fact that only in Israel, unlike all other OECD countries, most of the land reserves are nationally owned.
עירוניות וצבא – היילכו השניים יחדיו

It Takes Two to Tango? Spatial and Social Implications of Joint Civil-Military Development

The study examined the impact of the IDF bases' relocation to the Negev on strengthening the urban regions in the Be'er Sheva metropolitan area. It was hypothesized that the relocation of military installations would become a major mechanism for strengthening the towns located in the Be'er Sheva metropolitan area, strengthening the Negev's urban sector and thus increasing social integration. The study examined this hypothesis, both qualitatively and quantitatively, based on a broad spectrum of collected data.
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