Yaara Grinberg

Research Assistant
Studies: Waste Management

Studies: Waste Management

Samuel Neaman Institute's studies examine the potential for reducing waste at source, reducing waste landfilling and developing processes that make the nuisance into a resource, both in the domestic sector and in the industry and agriculture sector. Practical policies and tools at the national and local government levels are suggested.
Studies: Transportation

Studies: Transportation

Samuel Neaman Institute's publications in the field examine, among others, the environmental impacts of the various means of transportation and the policy required to reduce them, the benefits and barriers to integrating oil substitutes in the transportation sector, including, electric transportation, waste-based and bio-ethanol fuel substitutes, and the economic benefits of transportation projects such as road tunneling and more.
סדרי עדיפות לאומית בנושאי איכות סביבה

Studies: National Environmental Priorities

One of the functions of the Samuel Neaman Institute is to bridge the gap between academia, industry and decision-makers by making applicable, up-to-date information and research-based knowledge accessible to state institutions. The documents of national priorities compiled at the Shmuel Ne'eman Institute deal with a variety of issues that are important to raise on the public agenda.
A well-oiled Energy

A well-oiled Energy

06 February, 2013
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