Unique aspects in the Technion development

This study provides a wide view on the progression of the Technion, since its establishment until nowadays. Over the years the institute faced heavy national challenges in the domains of defense, economy and society. At the same time, efforts to raise academic standards and excellence have been continuous extended. All these activities affected the progression and the uniqueness of the institutional culture. As a result, academic excellence has been achieved, together with major contributions to the defense, economy and society in Israel.

The following topics are discussed:

  • The academic culture. Influence of various academic cultures, the environment, the presidents of the institute and the academic staff. Various topics, related to academic standards and excellence, are discussed.
  • Managerial Culture. The role of the academic staff to the managerial culture, changes in the in  the governance and in the managerial structure over the years, external effects of various public and private factors.
  • National Contribution. The national contributions in domains of defense, economy and society, are described. It is shown that the graduates of the Technion have had a significant role in the progress of Israel.
  • Academic standing.  The Technion managed to become one of the elite technological-research Universities in the world. Some of the remarkable achievements are described.
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