Trust in the institutions and pride in Israel's achievements in the first decade of 2000

This report brings the results of three surveys of public opinion that were held in the years 2003, 2006, and 2009 on basis of statistical samples that represent the population of mature persons ( above 18 ) in Israel. The surveys are destined to examine the Israeli public opinion about two subjects:

A). The degree of trust in six central Israeli institutions - communication, the Knesset, the rabbinate and institutions of the religion, the universities, Supreme Court and IDF.

B) The degree of pride in the achievements of Israel in seven fields: science and technology, literature and art, economy, welfare policy, security forces, democracy, and universities.

From inventory of the surveys will be presented on basis of equating the average grades of the confidence and the pride of the public, as well as according to 4 collective cuts: Nation, age, education, and religious.

Additional characteristic that included in the a series of the analysis gender, is not included here because we didn't find significant methodical differences between men and women in the subjects of confidence and pride.


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