Transferring Technology and its Commercialization

How to translate technological knowledge obtained in academe into commercial success is a disturbing question that concerns many researchers and entrepreneurs in the academe. The Samuel Neaman Institute faces the issue as part of its involvement in the Technion.

Thus, in August 9, 2012, a workshop was held for the staff of the Technion business unit, headed by Beni Sofer under the auspices of the Vice President for Research, Prof. Oded Shmueli. The lecturers included Amir Nyberg, the CEO of Yeda (Weizmann Institute), Dr. Harold Wiener, the Director of the venture capital fund Terra Ventures, Dalia Megiddo, the Director of Health Venture Partners, Gal Ehrlich of Ehrlich & Furstner, Lior Aviram and Amir Elisko, of Shibolet & Co. The senior research associate, Prof. Shlomo Maital, organized the conference, together with Beni Sofer and his team, and presented the results of a survey he conducted among the heads of technology transfer in leading universities abroad, including MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and others. Based on lectures given at the conference, a book will be published on the subject of how to translate scientific and basic technological research into commercial success. The book will include lectures related to the question of how VCs see the commercialization of academic research. How can research of high potential be identified? How can intellectual property be protected? Other legal aspects of intellectual property will also be addressed.


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